Air International 2016-03
D.Unwin - Purposeful Porter /Commercial/
The field of view from the cockpit is pretty good for a high-wing aircraft, although there is a blind-spot in a turn.
A PC-6 shows its wide 16m wingspan over its Swiss homeland.
Left: The mark of a true bush plane - even the tailwheel has a mudguard. Middle: The undercarriage legs have steel-spring, oil-damped shock absorb­ers. Right: The main undercarriage legs look spindly, but they are extremely strong and are braced to the aircraft belly.
The Porter's short take-off and landing characteristics are remarkable.
The view from the cockpit is good, despite the aircraft's long nose.
Mountainous terrain is just one of the rugged environments where the PC-6 is designed to perform.
Amphibious floats are one option for customers, along with skis.
At 7,500ft the aircraft has a true airspeed of 130 kts for a fuel flow of around 120kg/hr.
The large sliding doors on both sides of the cabin can be opened in flight, useful for carrying specialist equipment, such as this forward-looking infrared camera.
The G950 gives the instrument panel a very clean, uncluttered appearance. Note that the throttle, propeller and fuel condition controls are arranged in a non-standard layout, as the big throttle lever is in the middle.