Air International 2016-03
R.Niccoli - Tigers in the Snow /Military/
Note the JHMCS helmet of the pilot flying this F/A-18C, and the identification light on the fuselage side, a feature also used by Canadian Hornets.
Two Swiss Hornets releasing flares while in flight over the Alps. They are loaded with two AIM-120C-7 and two AIM-9X live missiles.
F/A-18C J-5018, the flagship of Fl St 18 'Panthers’, crosses a minor local road, open to traffic, while taxiing from the cavern. The cavern and the air base are not located on the same military ground.
Hornet J-5018 taxies back to the cavern. Note on the ventral fuel tank the radio frequency to be used by the pilots of intercepted aircraft.
Two F/A-18Cs from Fl St 11 chased by an F/A-18D fitted with new multifunction displays introduced in the UG25 upgrade programme.
Low clouds and light snow, the typical winter environment at Meiringen, and the narrow valley where the base is located provide challenging flying conditions.
Two Hornets taxiing from the cavern facility at Meiringen into the base, before a training mission.