Air International 2016-03
I.Harding - Teach & Strike /Military/
On a radar homing mission off Cornwall’s southwest coast, the instructor uses identified radar targets, manipulates these using the Tactical Mission Trainer Air synthetic mode and blends additional synthetic radar threats.
The Observer manages small white dots of light, determines the interaction between them, builds a tactical picture and takes action.
Four Avengers are assigned to 750 NAS at RNAS Culdrose, with ZZ503 pictured here.
The squadron's flight hours are contracted to 2,500 hours per year at present, although that may increase to 3,100.
The Avenger T1 is a standard Beechcraft King Air 350ER (Extended Range) that provides an extra 1,000lb of fuel. Its main modifications are the multimode telephonic radar and internal Tactical Mission Trainer (Air) system.
A team of ten experienced Cobham Aviation engineers is responsible for maintaining the four Avengers. Maintenance includes a phase check every 200 hours and four phased inspections.