Air International 2017-05
A.Avian, E.Bruijns, Greeuw - Act with Awareness /Military/
Block 30 F-16C 88-0410/FM lands at Andravida. The 482nd Fighter Wing 'Makos' was the first US Air Force unit based outside of Europe to participate in Exercise Iniohos.
Two United Arab Emirates Air Force F-16Es taxi for take off at Andravida. Operated by the Shaheen Squadron based at Al Dhafra Air Base, this year’s Iniohos was the first appearance of the type.
An Israel Air and Space Force F-16I Sufa on its take-off run in full afterburner. Rated at 29,000lb of thrust, the Pratt & Whitney F-100-PW-229 engine enables the F-16I an easy take-off run even when carrying a heavy weapons payload.
In Greece to provide command and control to the players in Exercise Iniohos was Israel Air and Space Force G550 537 operated by 122 Squadron.
Grey, blue and delta. A two-seat Mirage 2000BG loaded with an inert IRIS-T missile on its way to an operating area over the Ionian Sea.
The unmistakable lines of the F-4 Phantom II in the shape of Hellenic Air Force F-4E AUP 01528 on final approach to Andravida Air Base.