Air International 1995-08
P.Relman - Generation X - Boeing's new babies
Boeing has utilised the Defence Research Agency's wind tunnel at Farnborough for low-speed testing of the new 737’s aerodynamics. The UK facility was used as NASA's Ames facility is currently closed.
In November 1994 Hapag Lloyd was launch customer for the 737-800, with a contract for 16 aircraft airliner far delivery from 1998. The type was selected over the Airbus A320 family.
SAS's launch contract for up to 70 737-600s was won after an intense sales battle against the McDonnell Douglas MD-95. The deal, valued at $12bn (35 firm orders), includes the right to convert positions to the larger variants of the aircraft.
The leasing company Bavaria is one of four German customers to have ordered the new 737 and holds orders and options for the -700. It was the first lessor to join the new family's customer list.
The three members of the 'next generation' 737 family cover the 100-190 seat market, offering advanced technology combined with a high level of commonality with the existing 737 models.
Artist's impression of the Boeing 737-800, a stretched version of the Series 400, which was launched on September 5, 1994 at Farnborough '94
Boeing 737-800
Illustration of the principal changes of the Boeing Model 737-700 (top), 737-800 (lower left) and 737-500X (lower right).
Three-view drawing of Boeing Model 737-700, with additional side elevations of 737-500X (top) and 737-800 (bottom).