Air Enthusiast 1995-09
S.Aloni - More Mules
S-199 из состава 101-й эскадрильи ВВС Израиля
101 Squadron Chief Technical Officer (CTO) Harry Axelrod sits in the unit’s jeep in front of D-123, which lacks the red and white striped rudder and red spinner.
Alexander Sandy Jacobs sits in the cockpit of D-120. Jacobs left the IDF/AF in 1949 to complete his law studies at Lincoln College, Oxford. He was killed in a P-51 Mustang accident as a reserve pilot seven years later.
Aaron Red Finkel and Sydney Antin with S 199 D-108 at Maabarot circa August 1948. D-108 was the only S 199 of the first batch to survive more than two or three months!
Egyptian soldiers pose with the wreckage of D-110, presumably Vickman’s aircraft. The photograph is reported to have been published in the Egyptian newspaper Al-Aharam on January 2, 1949.