Aeroplane Monthly 1979-09
G.Wikner - Humping the Bluey in Waltzing Matilda
English Electric-built Mk.III NR169 served exclusively with 466 Squadron RAAF. In May 1946 it was acquired by the Australian-born aircraft designer Geoffrey Wickner, registered as G-AGXA and called 'Waltzing Matilda'. He flew the machine to his homeland, where it became VH-BDT before being scrapped in 1948.
Winner’s Halifax, still in No 466 Squadron RAAF markings, coded HD-T. The nose insignia included the bomb log, a coquette and the dove of peace. Rudder stripes were yellow.
Most of Waltzing Matilda’s crew and passengers grouped for a final picture before take-off. Geoffrey Wikner, in sports jacket, is in the centre with copilot Audrey Morgan, with black top, on his left. Most of the passengers have already donned life jackets for the sea crossing to France via Jersey.
Waltzing Matilda on arrival at Mascot, Sydney, Australia, on June 20, 1946. Flying time from England was 71hr.
About to board Waltzing Matilda at Hum on May 26, 1946.
The author with his wife and daughter Chrisabel inside Waltzing Matilda.
G-AHDU Falkirk, the first Handley Page HP70 Halton conversion for BOAC, at Radlett in 1946.