Aeroplane Monthly 1980-02
H.Robinson - The Ultimate Spitfires (2)
An impressive portrait of Spitfire F.21 LA195, bearing the codes of 615 Squadron, Reserve Command.
Spitfire Mk 22 PK312, photographed in March 1945, was the first of the mark to be completed.
F.22 PK614 during the Lympne Races on August 28, 1948.
A Mk 22 leads a pair of Mk 21s.
Spitfire Mk 21 (Supermarine Type 373) LA213 displays its contra-props.
Another F.22 from the same batch, PK664.
Mk 24 VN329, 1947;
F.22 PK515, without contra-props but with drop tank.
681, a reconditioned Mk 22 for Egypt, June 1950;
Another entrant in the 1948 Lympne Races, Mk 24 VN324.
Another view of the F.22 PK515, without contra-props, minus tank.
Supermarine Type 356: Spitfire Mk.21 & Mk.22. Prototypes & production variants.
SUPERMARINE TYPE 356: SPITFIRE Mk. 24. VN484. 80 SQUADRON. KAI TAK (HONG KONG) Aug. 1949 - Sept. 1951