Aeroplane Monthly 1980-03
B.Turpin - Turbine Test Beds (2)
Lancaster III NG465 displays the Rolls-Royce Dart engine in its nose, fitted in 1947.
Lincoln RF533/G-37-1 flying on Rolls-Royce Tyne alone at the 1956 SBAC show.
Lincoln SX973 had the 3,500lb Napier Nomand in its nose
SX971 was fitted in 1950 with a Rolls-Royce Derwent beneath its bomb bay for afterburning trials.
The other Naiad Lincoln was RF530, converted at Luton in 1946.
Lancastrian VM703 flying on the de Havilland Ghosts in its outer nacelles.
Lancastrian VH742 flies by Nene-power. It was the world's first commercial aircraft to fly on jets alone, first flight after conversion taking place on August 14, 1946.
Lancastrian 2 VM732 with Rolls-Royce Avons in its outer nacelles.