Aeroplane Monthly 1981-02
H.Scanlan - Hillman's airbus
D.H.84 G-ACIT which flew the first Dyce-Orkney service for Highland Airways on May 7, 1934. It is seen here over Bedfordshire in 1969 when it was photographed by TOM HAMILL.
Dragon G-ACNJ, named Rozel Bay by Jersey Airways. It is seen flying from Stag Lane in March 1934.
A machine which has played a large part in unsubsidised air-line operation - the D.H.84, or Dragon, which is still in successful use all over the world.
The prototype Dragon, seen here in its original markings, later became G-ACAN and was delivered to Hillmans in December 1932.
G-ADCR in the livery of Isle of Man Air Services.
Dragon G-ADOS was owned by Smith's Aircraft Instruments until the outbreak of war.
Jersey Airways' Dragon 2 G-ACMO was sold to Australia as VH-ABK in March 1938.
Another picture of Dragon 2 G-AECZ, this time in the livery of Southern Airways, based at Ramsgate.
Dragon 2 G-AECZ in the livery of Ramsgate Airport Ltd, who used the aircraft for joyriding.
Dragon G-ACKU was the first Mk 2 to fly, having individually framed windows and faired undercarriage struts.
Railway Air Services was one of the largest operators of the Dragon. This one, G-ADEE, was lost on the slopes of Fairsnape Fell in October 1935.
Blackpool and West Coast Air Services' Dragon G-ACGU was destroyed in a take-off crash from Heston in July 1935.
Close-up of another Jersey Airways Dragon. Most operators flew the type without wheel spats.
Short-lived Dragon G-ACCE was leased to Highland Airways but survived only four months.
Dragon 2, G-ACPX of Railway Air Services.
THE DE HAVILLAND "DRAGON": This photograph gives a good idea of the appearance of the new machine. The identification number E.9 is a trade registration, and indicates that the machine is still experimental. Since these photographs were taken the "Dragon" has been undergoing official tests at Martlesham.
This aircraft crashed near Dunbeath in May 1941.
Long-lived Air Taxis' Dragon G-AECZ was sold in Ireland in March 1950.
Interior of the Dragon, with utility-type seats and narrow gangway.