Aeroplane Monthly 1981-05
B.Gunston - Vertijet
X-13 поднимается в воздух
For horizontal flight the X-13 was fitted with a fixed under-carriage. The first flight lasted seven minutes. The nose boom contains devices for measuring sideslip at low speeds.
The first X-13, 54-1619, minus rudder and with pilot’s access ladder attached.
The Vertijet spanned 21ft, was 24ft long and had a take-off weight of around 8,500lb.
X-13 с колесным шасси подходит к платформе
Final phase of the test programme was the transition from vertical to horizontal flight and back. In this photograph the X-13 fitted with conventional undercarriage approaches the ground service trailer
СВВП Ryan X-13 Vertijet, садящийся на специальную платформу, был одним из первых экспериментальных аппаратов с вертикальным взлетом и посадкой. После вертикального старта с платформы Vertijet переходил в режим нормального полета "по-самолетному".
The photograph shows the second Ryan X-13 Vertijet, 54-1620, during its initial vertical climb.
A close-up of the cable hook-on device.
54-1620 moves away from the trailer guided by the marshaller visible at the top of the trailer.
The prototype X-13 demonstrates the spot landing technique on four-point gear during early tests.
54-1620 on its mobile trailer being raised to the vertical position for takeoff.
54-1620 being towed to its launch point on a purpose-built trailer.