Aeroplane Monthly 1982-05
R.Beamont - Testing TSR-2
Testing full flap on the TSR-2’s initial flight on September 27, 1964.
The fine air-to-air study of XR219 was taken during low-speed control and stability tests in January 1965.
TSR-2’s first low level pass, Boscombe Down, January 1965.
The author takes XR219 up for its first supersonic flight on delivery to Warton, February 22, 1965.
one of the last tests prior to cancellation. Jimmy Dell lands XR219 on a foam path at Warton during investigation of reduced spin-up effect on undercarriage vibration, March 1965.
The dismal sight of TSR-2 fuselage sections lying in a Yorkshire scrapyard in April 1966.