Aeroplane Monthly 1982-05
P.Jarrett - Grapevine
Guy Black's newly acquired Nieuport 28, N5246, during its life in the USA.
The Fokker F.VIIb/3m replica at Parafield, South Australia.
Sqn Ldr Peter Stannard in front of Vulcan XJ824 after flying into Duxford.
The nose of Vulcan XL318 in the RAF Museum car park.
Bob Mitchell's Miles Whitney Straight, G-AEUJ, arrives at Warwickshire Farm in February following "considerable structural work" by Speedwell Sailplanes. It should fly by the end of the year.
The Canadian Museum of Flight and Transportation, Richmond, British Columbia, a member of the Canadian Aircraft Preservation Association, has been donated the 1947 Republic Seabee amphibian CF-DYJ by Jerry Olsen and associates of Canadian Lake and Ocean Salvage. The aircraft sank after a wheels-down water landing in a lake near Prince George, BC, 25 years ago, but sophisticated equipment and expert knowledge have at last enabled it to be recovered. Although the tailwheel “went missing” while the aircraft was being trucked to Vancouver, the Seabee is reported to be in “surprisingly good condition” and the flaps could still be pumped up and down. It is planned to restore it to flying condition when funds permit.