Air International 2007-09
M.Gething - A-4 Skyhawk /Cold war survivors/
A busy flightline at Wittmund Air Base as a BAE Systems Flight Systems A-4N taxies out for a mission. The company operates six former Israeli Defense Force/AirForce A-4Ns on contract to the German Ministry of Defence. Missions flown include target-towing for aerial gunnery and ground control intercept (GCI) training for students of the Luftwaffe's GCI school. A target reel can be seen under the nearest aircraft.
In addition to two RNZAF Skyhawks preserved at the RNZAF Museum at Wigram and Ohakea, Christchurch, 20 are stored at RNZAF Base Woodburne on a care and maintenance basis, awaiting the conclusion of a satisfactory sale agreement.
Argentina has operated the Skyhawk since the mid-1960s. There are currently 34 former US Marine Corps aircraft, now designated A-4AR/OA-4AR, based at Villa Reynolds, flown by the 5th Air Brigade.
A Brazilian Naval Aviation AF-1 Skyhawk manoeuvres to park on the deck of the Nae Sao Paulo after a successful trap onboard the aircraft carrier during Exercise Temperex, in September 2002. The AF-1 designation given to the Skyhawk denotes that it is an 'attack' and 'fixed wing' aircraft.
This pair of Republic of Singapore Air Force Super Skyhawks clearly illustrates the external difference between the single-seat A-4SU and the 'double-bubble' cockpit canopy configuration of the TA-4SU. A total of 18 aircraft are currently based at Cazaux, France, for aircrew training.
McDonnell Douglas A-4KU Skyhawk
A ten-year outsourced programme, awarded to IAI's Bedek division in 2005 for the IAF's A-4 trainer fleet, is on a 'power-by-the-hour' basis, and the IASF and IAI have set indices to measure availability, speed of service and overall performance of the contract.