Air International 2022-03
J.Winchester - Hail to the King
The older King Air versions are used in the ISR role by a few nations, including the air wing of the Armed Forces of Malta
Now operated by General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, N1459 was used by Beechcraft to demonstrate systems on the B350ER airframe in the early 2010s
B350i N256NM was used by the manufacturer as a Special Mission demonstrator before delivery to the French customs agency in 2015 where it flies as F-ZBGQ along with seven other King Airs
A new B350i (LR-2) was delivered to the Japan Ground Self Defense Force at Kisarazu in 2021. With a belly-mounted FLIR system, it supplements older JGSDF LR-2s equipped with a camera pod
The Royal Canadian Air Force leases B350s for multi-engined training, but is purchasing three 350ER modified by L3Harris with features of their Spydr ISR system for delivery in 2022
The Armee de l'Air has introduced the VADOR ISR platform for use in Africa. Its first deployment was to Djibouti in April 2021 for hot-weather trials.
Originally entering service in 2009 to augment operations in Afghanistan, the UK's Shadow fleet will be upgraded to the Mk2 variant in the latest award
The RAF’s Shadow fleet is being increased from six to eight and upgraded to R2 configuration with an improved defensive aids suite
Bromma Air Maintenance in Sweden has modified a King Air 350i for the Estonian Border Guard. The two operator stations and two observers seats are visible here.