Air International 2022-03
T.Batchelor - On the right track
Badly hit by Hong Kong’s strict quarantine regulations, Cathay Pacific operated just one in ten of its pre-COVID scheduled flights in December 2021
National carrier Ariana Afghan Airlines resumed domestic flights to Kabul in September 2021, and to Dubai in November
Eyjafjallajokull plume seen from the DLR (German Aerospace Centre)’s scientific airplane Falcon (D-CMET)
Lufthansa Systems' Lido portfolio provides four certified data products
Lido FMS provides airlines with processed navigation data that feeds into avionics manufacturers' flight management system
Among the airlines to profit from the post-pandemic route planning shake-up was Wizz Air, a Budapest-based LCC
Southwest uses all five Amadeus Sky suite products, and others, to operate so-called clean-sheet scheduling