Air International 2022-04
N.Spall - The microlight revolution
The Comco Ikarus C42 3-axis microlight is used for training
The venerable Skyranger Classic microlight, with an Ikarus C42 parked behind it
Flying over Hertfordshire at 1,200ft in the C42
An Ikarus C42, a 3-axis microlight at Norwich airport, with pilot Ray Wilkinson
Inside an Ikarus C42 trainer cockpit. Note the central control column and dual control rudder pedals
A modern Eurofox 3-axis microlight dual control with a 'slippery' fuselage design, ideal for long-distance cruising
The control panel of a Eurofox microlight. Modern navaids such as the SkyDemon GPS unit make touring easy and safe
Nick Spall beside a Skyranger Classic 3-axis microlight