Air International 2022-04
C.Croot - Aeromed evac
One of the IAC's two C235 in the hangar at Casement Aerodrome. These aircraft enable the corps to transport patients on longer journeys.
The lAC's Learjet 45 sits in the hangar awaiting its next tasking, with two Pilatus PC-12s in the background
Air Corps 112 parked, rotors running, on the helipad at University Hospital Galway in west Ireland. Note the IAC EC135 orbiting overhead
An EC135 hovering at Custume Barracks. This platform first conducted EAS taskings before the role was taken over by the larger, more-capable AW139
It is only a short walk from the crew room to the helicopter
An Irish Air Crops pilot, crewman and National Ambulance Service advanced paramedic walk out to the aircraft for another tasking
Custume Barracks, with Air Corps 112 in its parking spot. The tent offers technicians somewhere sheltered to work on the aircraft during bad weather
Callsign Air Corps 112 lifts from Custume Barracks, Athlone, on a training sortie. Owing to the area's built-up surroundings, crews will initially climb the aircraft backwards, allowing for an easy descent back ti the pad, in the event of engine failure
Two National Ambulance Service paramedics prepare to offload a patient
INSET: A patient is transported to a waiting ambulance for the short journey from the helipad to the hospital admissions department
Air Corps 112 descending over Custume Barracks, Athlone, after completing an Emergency Aeromedical Service tasking. Note the crewman, CpI Craig Cullen, surveying the landing site and guiding the crew to land
Looking for a suitable landing site. Ireland had experienced a period of heavy rain, resulting in localised flooding