Ikarus C42
Страна: Германия
Год: 1996

Two-seat ultralight
The Comco Ikarus C42 3-axis microlight is used for training
The venerable Skyranger Classic microlight, with an Ikarus C42 parked behind it
An Ikarus C42, a 3-axis microlight at Norwich airport, with pilot Ray Wilkinson
Group Captain Hackett, the pilot flying the first successful flight with only synthetic fuel
Ikarus C 42 folded for storage (1998)
Loosely translated, the `personal' registration on this German Ikarus C42 signifies ``This is Horst Kny's kite'' (1999)
Production Ikarus C 42, used as a demonstrator (1999)
A civilian registered Ikarus C42, G-KFCA is seen on its first flight powered by sustainable fuel
Flying over Hertfordshire at 1,200ft in the C42
Inside an Ikarus C42 trainer cockpit. Note the central control column and dual control rudder pedals
Ikarus C 42 (Rotax 912 UL piston engine) (1999)