Jane's All the World Aircraft 2000
The prototype Be-200 (1999)
Beriev Be-200 multirole amphibian (1999)
Interior of the firefighting version of Beriev (Betair) Be-200, showing (1) firefighters' seats, (2) water tanks, (3) chemical retardant tanks, (4) water scoop and (5) toilet (1997)
Be-200 floor plans for (top) 66 tourist class passengers; six freight containers and 19 passengers; and nine freight containers (1997)
Beriev (Betair) Be-200 civil utility amphibian (1999)
Prototype Tu-334 RA-94001 (1999)
Slush deflector grille behind the Tu-334's main landing gear (1997)
Model of Tu-336, produced by adding LNG tanks to the spine of a Tu-334 (1999)
Cabin seating plans for the Tu-334-100 G: galley, S: service compartment, T: toilet (1996)
Tu-334 cabin cross-sections; dimensions in millimetres (1996)
Tupolev Tu-334-100 twin-turbofan medium-range transport (1999)
Reproduction Yakovlev Yak-3M fighter with Allison engine (1999)
Captive take-off of the first X-38 beneath the wing of an NB-52B Stratofortress (1998)
Beech Bonanza B36TC (1999)
Beech Bonanza A36 four/six-seat utility aircraft (1998)
Model of the proposed MD-17 (1997)
Tupolev Tu-214C3 combi version of the Tu-204-200 (1999)
Tupolev Tu-204-120 with Rolls-Royce RB211-535E4 turbofans (1999)
First Tu-204-120C freighter (RA-64028), destined for Air Cairo (1998)
Tupolev Tu-204C freighter conversion from Tu-204-100 (1998)
Flight deck of Tupolev Tu-204-120C (1998)
Tupolev Tu-204-200 medium-range transport (two Aviadvigatel PS-90A turbofans), with additional side view (top) of Tu-204-220 (1994)
Model of Tu-206 dual-fuel airliner (1999)
Proposed Tupolev Tu-206 LNG-fuelled version of Tu-204 airliner (1999)
First production Tu-234 awaiting engines at Aviastar, Ulyanovsk, in 1998 (1999)
Provisional three-view of projected Tu-244 supersonic transport (1998)
Che-25 four-seat amphibian (1997)
Model of the forthcoming Che-40 amphibian, featuring pylon-mounted stabilising floats (1998)
General arrangement of the Che-25 (1998)
Ilyushin Il-103 four-seat tourer and trainer (1999)
Instrument panel of the Il-103-10 (1999)
Instrument panel of the less comprehensive -11 (1999)
Ilyushin Il-103 two/five-seat multipurpose light aircraft (1998)
Profile of Tupolev Tu-306, indicating storage tank for liquid natural gas fuel (1995)
Model of the Tupolev Tu-136 (1998)
Опытный экземпляр Ту-324 в эти дни строится в Казани
Model of the Tu-324A project with CF34 engines (1998)
Mockup of the Tu-324 (1999)
Tupolev Tu-324R configurations include 50 single-class passengers (top) and 10 business-class plus 34 tourist-class passengers (bottom) (1998)
Tupolev Tu-324R twin-turbofan (AI-22) regional transport (1998)
Model of the Tupolev Tu-54 agricultural aircraft (1998)
Tupolev Tu-54 cropsprayer (1998)
Interior impression of the A3XX, showing between-decks stairs (1999)
Impression of the A3XX's first class cabin (1998)
Airbus claims that the A380 will offer passengers, including those in economy class, wider seats and a more spacious cabin than today's airliners, plus 15-20% lower operating costs per seat.
Wind tunnel testing was carried out at a number of facilities. The larger, 1/28th scale model in ‘clean’ configuration is undergoing low-speed testing in the BAE Systems' Filton wind-tunnel at Bristol (1999)
Так будет выглядеть Airbus A3XX
Computer-generated image of the twin-deck Airbus A3XX (1999)
Upper and lower decks of projected A3XX configured for 555 passengers (1998)
Airbus A3XX alternative cross-sections for Combi, passenger and freighter service (1999)
Airbus A3XX-100 555-seat airliner (1999)
Airbus A340-300 demonstrator taking off from Lhasa, Tibet (3,570 m; 11,712 ft) (1999)
Airbus A340-300ACT (specifically a -313X) of China Southwest Airline (1999)
Flight decks of the A330 and A340 (illustrated) are almost identical and very similar to the A320. The FAA has approved cross-qualification of pilots (1995)
Computer-generated image of the forthcoming Airbus A340-500 in EVA Air service (1997)
Computer-generated image of the Airbus A340-600, which will fly in 2001 (1999)
Structural breakdown of the Airbus A330/A340 series (1999)
Potential interior arrangements of the Airbus A340 (1999)
Layout of the Airbus A330/A340 fly-by-wire system, showing the application of the three hydraulic systems, blue, yellow and green (B, Y, G), to the various surfaces and computers: three flight control primary computers, two flight control data concentrator computers, two flight control secondary computers and two slat and flap control computers. M stands for direct mechanical control and PCU for powered control unit (1994)
Airbus A330/340 passenger cabin cross-section (1994)
Artist's impression of optional A340 mini cabin passenger sleeping accommodation (1996)
Airbus A340-300 four-turbofan long-range airliner, with additional side view (upper) of A340-200 (1986)
Prototype Boeing 777-300 (Rolls-Royce Trent 892 engines) during an early test flight (1998)
Boeing 777-200 flown by Egypt Air (1999)
Boeing 777 wing pod, demonstrating access to (PW4084) engine (1996)
Boeing 777 two-man flight deck has five flat panel displays in horizontal row on main panel and two FMS control and display panels and a multifunction display on the centre console (1997)
Typical seating arrangements for the Boeing 777-200 (1996)
Typical Boeing 777-300 seating options (1996)
Cabin cross-sections of Boeing 767 (left), 777 (centre) and 747 show progression in size designed to afford greater scope in seating layout. External diameter of Boeing 767 is 5.03 m (16 ft 6 in); Boeing 777 is 6.20 m (20 ft 4 in); and Boeing 747 is 6.49 m (21 ft 3 1/2 in). LD-1, -2 and -3 are international-size freight containers. Boeing 747 upper deck extends only part-way along the fuselage (1994)
Boeing 777-200 twin-turbofan high-capacity airliner, with additional side view of -300 stretched version; optional folding wing shown by broken lines (1998)
Canadair Regional Jet of Spanish carrier Air Nostrum (1999)
Canadair Special Edition Regional Jet and Challenger 604 (background) of TAG Aeronautics Ltd (1998)
Cabin interior of Canadair Special Edition Regional Jet (1998)
Cutaway drawing of the Canadair Regional Jet (1997)
Canadair Regional Jet standard 79 cm (31 in) pitch 50-seat layout (Mike Keep/Jane's) A: attendant's seat, C: cargo, G: galley, T: toilet, W: wardrobe (1994)
Canadair Regional Jet 200 (two General Electric CF34-3B1 turbofans) (1988)
The CRJ-700 flight deck is based on that of the Series 100/200 (1997)
Cabin mockup of CRJ-700 (1998)
Computer-generated impression of Canadair CRJ-700 (1999)
Typical CRJ-700 seating plan for 70 passengers at 79 cm (31 in) pitch, with 15.7 m3 (555 cu ft) of baggage B: baggage, BD: baggage door, E: emergency exit, G: galley, L: lavatory, P: entrance, S: stowage, W: wardrobe (1996)
Canadair Regional Jet Series 700 (1997)
4 июля 1998г.: начались сертификационные испытания самолета EMBRAER RJ145, спроектированного на базе ERJ-135. Максимальная эксплуатационная скорость самолета составляет 0,78М.
Prototype Embraer ERJ-135 with (background) ERJ-145 from which it is derived (1999)
US operator Continental Express has 75 ERJ-145s on order (1999)
Embraer ERJ-145 of Brazilian operator Rio-Sul (1999)
Second prototype ERJ-135 taking off on its maiden flight on 24 September 1998 (1999)
Standard 50-passenger layout in ERJ-145 A: attendant's seat, B: baggage, G: galley, T: toilet, W: wardrobe (1995)
ERJ-145 fuselage cross-section (1998)
Fuselage side and exploded wing views of ERJ-145 showing subcontract sources (1995)
ERJ-145 rear-engined twin-turbofan regional airliner with additional side view (upper) of ERJ-135 (1998)
Fairchild Aerospace 328JET twin-turbofan regional transport (1999)
Second prototype (first new-build) Fairchild Aerospace 328JET (1999)
Fairchild Aerospace plans for a hydrogen-powered regional transport have switched from turboprop 328 to turbofan 328JET (1997)
Computer-generated image of Fairchild Aerospace 428JET (1999)
Typical Fairchild Aerospace Envoy 3 internal arrangement (1999)
Fairchild Aerospace 428JET interior arranged for 44 passengers (1999)
Cabin cross-section of 328-100, 328JET and 428JET (1994)
Fairchild Aerospace 328JET (1997)
Fairchild Aerospace 428JET (1999)
First steps towards BWB-1 design achievement in the form of the Stanford University radio-controlled 6 per cent scale flying model
Upper and lower deck seating arrangements aboard the 800-passenger BWB-1-1 (1997)
Flying wing airliner proposals from Airbus-CAHI (TsAGI), Airbus and Boeing (McDonnell Douglas) (1997)
Antonov An-225 Mriya deploying full flap and starboard spoilers during an impressive handling display at Farnborough in 1990. A return to flying is in prospect (1999)
Prototype Antonov An-140 pictured during a test sortie (1999)
Antonov An-140 twin-turboprop transport (1999)
Antonov An-140 cabin seating for 52 passengers (Paul Jackson/Jane's) B: baggage, CD: cargo door, ED: entrance door, EMD: emergency door, R: refreshments, SD: service door, T: toilet (1999)
Cross-section of the An-140 cabin; dimensions in millimetres (1999)
Antonov An-140 short-range transport (1999)
Antonov An-38-100 second flying prototype (1999)
Flight deck of Antonov An-38-100 (1996)
Alternative cabin configurations for An-38 current and projected versions (1995)
Antonov An-38, stretched version of the An-28 (1999)
Ilyushin Il-114 twin-turboprop airliner (1998)
First production Ilyushin Il-114T freighter (1998)
SV-34 six-blade propeller, constructed of CFRP (1998)
Il-114T freight door, port side rear (1998)
Flight deck of Il-114 airliner (1995)
Ilyushin Il-114 interior with 64 seats at 75 cm (29 1/2 in) pitch (1996)
Cross-section of Il-114; dimensions in centimetres (1996)
Ilyushin Il-114 short-range passenger transport, with additional side view (upper) of Il-114T freighter (1998)
Provisional arrangement of ERJ-170 regional jet (1999)
The fifth Boeing 717 wearing company colours (1998)
Mockup of Boeing 717 flight deck (1996)
Boeing 717-200 airliner (two BMW Rolls-Royce BR 715 turbofans) (1999)
Prototype of increased-capacity Ilyushin Il-96M four-turbofan wide-bodied transport (1999)
First production Ilyushin Il-96T (RA-96101) in ARIA colours (1998)
Ilyushin Il-96 cargo door (1998)
Ilyushin Il-96-300 four-turbofan wide-bodied passenger transport of Aeroflot Russian International Airlines (1995)
Flight deck of prototype Ilyushin Il-96M (1995)
Flight deck of Ilyushin Il-96-300 four-turbofan wide-bodied airliner (1996)
Internal arrangements of Ilyushin Il-96-300 with 262 passengers and (not to scale) Il-96M with 318 (1998)
Cargo stowage aboard the Ilyushin Il-96T (1998)
Ilyushin Il-96M powered by four P&W PW2337s, with additional side view (top) of the Il-96-300, powered by four Aviadvigatel PS-90As (1993)
Boeing 767-300 in the colours of United Airlines (1999)
Boeing 767-300 flight deck (1997)
Computer-generated image of Boeing 767-400ER (1997)
Typical seating plans for Boeing 767-200 and 767-300 (1996)
Cabin cross-sections of Boeing 767 (left), 777 (centre) and 747 show progression in size designed to afford greater scope in seating layout. External diameter of Boeing 767 is 5.03 m (16 ft 6 in); Boeing 777 is 6.20 m (20 ft 4 in); and Boeing 747 is 6.49 m (21 ft 3 1/2 in). LD-1, -2 and -3 are international-size freight containers. Boeing 747 upper deck extends only part-way along the fuselage (1994)
Revised wingtip shape of the Boeing 767-400ER (1999)
Boeing 767-200 wide-bodied airliner, with additional side view of stretched -300 (1998)
Model of Tupolev Tu-156M cryogenic aircraft (1997)
Britten-Norman BN2B Islander of British Airways/Loganair (1998)
Prototype PZL Mielec M-18BS Dromader trainer (1998)
PZL Mielec Dromader operating as a water-bomber (1999)
PZL Mielec M-18A Dromader (1983)
Airbus Industrie fitted a laminar-flow leading-edge to the fin of an A320 in 1998 (1999)
Airbus A320 operated by Condor Flugdienst of Germany (1999)
New colours for the A320, as worn by Swiss airline Edelweiss, which received its first aircraft on 4 February 1999 (1999)
SilkAir took delivery of its first A320 on 18 September 1998 (1999)
Airbus A320 flight deck with sidestick controllers outboard and six-screen EFIS (1993)
Typical Airbus interiors for the A320 family (1999)
Structural breakdown of the Airbus A318/A319/A320/A321 series (1998)
Architecture of the Airbus A320 electrical flight control system. The fly-by-wire slats and flaps are independently controlled and not part of the primary system. Inputs to ELACs and SECs come from the air data inertial reference system, the sidesticks and the flight guidance computer (1993)
Airbus A320 twin-turbofan single-aisle 150/179-seat airliner (1993)
Cutaway model of DaimlerChrysler Aerospace Airbus Cryoplane based on an Airbus A310. Cryogenic hydrogen tanks are located above the passenger cabin (1996)
Proposed production version of LH2-powered Airbus A310, with additional side view (upper) of standard-length prototype (1998)
PZL-104 Wilga 80A operated in the United Kingdom (1998)
First Wilga 2000 for the Polish Border Guard (1999)
PZL-104M Wilga 2000 (224 kW; 300 hp IO-540 engine) (1998)
Utva-75, around which the forthcoming LOLA Utva-96 is based (1991)
Air Tractor AT-401B (1998)
Air Tractor AT-402B Turbo Air Tractor (1999)
Air Tractor AT-502B spraying a cotton field (1997)
AT-602 received certification in June 1996 (1998)
Air Tractor AT-401B three-view drawing (1999)
Air Tractor AT-402A/AT-402B Turbo Air Tractor (1999)
Air Tractor AT-502B agricultural aircraft (1998)
Third SATIC A300-608ST Super Transporter was delivered in May 1997 (1999)
SATIC Super Transporter interior, viewed from nose (1999)
Interior of A300-608ST Super Transporter; below floor level are aft cargo hold and bulk cargo compartment (1999)
SATIC A300-608ST Super Transporter built to transport Airbus airframe sections (1998)
Sukhoi Su-31T single-seat aerobatic competition aircraft with separate windscreen and canopy
Sukhoi Su-29 with additional side view (centre) of Su-31T (1998)
Now operated by MChS, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, Yak-42D RA-42441 has been equipped with an executive interior by Hunting Engineering at East Midlands Airport, UK (1998)
Flight deck of Yakovlev Yak-42 (1996)
Flight deck of Yakovlev Yak-42D-100, showing AlliedSignal displays (1995)
Yakovlev Yak-42D three-turbofan short/medium-range passenger transport (1998)
Second Extra 400 prototype. Note ventral strake (1998)
Technoavia SM-94-1 prototype six-seat light multipurpose aircraft (1999)
Technoavia SM-94 six-seat multipurpose aircraft; broken lines show SM-94-1 prototype, converted from a Yak-18T (1998)
Dash 8 Q300 company demonstrator (1999)
Representative flight deck of the Dash 8 Series 100/200/300 (1997)
Prototype Aeroprakt-22 two-seat multipurpose ultralight (1999)
Aeroprakt-22 ultralight (1997)
Airbus A300-600R twin-turbofan airliner in the insignia of American Airlines (1998)
Major Airbus customer, China Northwest has eight A300-600Rs (illustrated) and is taking delivery of 10 A320s (1998)
UPS is latest A300 freighter customer; artist's impression shows aircraft in house colours (1999)
Two-class A300-600 interior for 26 first and 240 economy class passengers (1999)
Airbus A300-600R wide-bodied transport (two GE CF6-80C2 turbofans) (1993)
Antonov An-3 demonstrator (1999)
Aeroprakt-24 two-seat light amphibian (1998)
Embraer EMB-120 Brasilia of Brazilian carrier Penta (1999)
Embraer EMB-120 Brasilia twin-turboprop transport (1993)
ATR 42-500 of Continental Express (1997)
ATR 42-300 operated by Eurowings Luftverkehrs, Germany (1999)
ATR 42-320 operated as a transport by French telecommunications agency CNET in paramilitary guise with cockades and an air force call-sign (1999)
Manufacturers of the ATR airframe (1995)
Relaunched (1996) cross-section of ATR-42/72 cabin, showing overhead lockers of increased capacity (1997)
Noise reduction measures in the ATR 42-500 include skin damping material (above) and dynamic vibration absorbers (right) (1995)
Noise reduction measures in the ATR 42-500 include skin damping material (above) and dynamic vibration absorbers (right) (1995)
Aerospatiale/Alenia ATR 42 twin-turboprop regional transport (1983)
Dornier 328 regional airliner and corporate transport (1999)
Dornier 328 flight deck with Honeywell Primus 2000 avionics including five tubes for flight instruments, systems and EICAS functions (1996)
Dornier 328 cabin in 31-passenger layout (1997)
Dornier 328 configured for air ambulance operations (1997)
Cabin cross-section of 328-100, 328JET and 428JET (1994)
Dornier 328 (two P&WC PW119B turboprops) 30/33-passenger transport (1997)
Second prototype Let L 610 G (two General Electric CT7-9D turboprops) (1999)
Flight deck of the L 610 G (1999)
L 610 G standard 40-seat layout A: attendant's seat, B: baggage, G: galley, S: storage, T: toilet (1997)
Cabin cross-section of the Let L 610 G (1999)
Let L 610 G twin-turboprop 40-seat regional transport (1996)
Saab 2000 customers initially included Deutsche BA (1999)
Flight deck of the Saab 2000, showing the captain's position (1997)
Saab 2000 cabin (1997)
Saab 2000 standard 50-passenger layout. A: attendant's seat, C: baggage/cargo, G: galley, S: stowage, T: toilet, W: wardrobe (1996)
Saab 2000 short/medium-range 50/58-passenger regional transport (1993)
Four RJ70s were delivered to Air Malta (1999)
Avro RJ85 of Northwest Airlines (1998)
Largest of the Avro family is the RJ100, Sabena’s OO-DWD being given this scheme to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Belgian carrier Sabena (1999)
Flight deck of Avro RJ series (1997)
Cabin interior of Avro RJ85 in 82-seat configuration (1997)
RJ85 with additional side view (upper) of RJ70 (1999)
Avro RJ100 regional jet (1999)
Computer-generated image of Fairchild Aerospace 528JET/728JET/928JET range of twin-turbofan airliners (1999)
Provisional drawing of the projected Fairchild Aerospace 728JET (1999)
PA2, the first example of the N-250-100 to fly (1998)
N-250-50 prototype PK-XNG (1999)
Flight deck of the N-250 (1996)
N-250-100 typical 64-seat (top) and 68-seat layouts A: attendant's seat, C: cargo, G: galley, T: toilet, W: wardrobe (1995)
N-250 cabin cross-section (1996)
N-250-100 production configuration (1995)
Gulfstream Aerospace Gulfstream IV-SP (Special Performance) (1997)
First Gulfstream C-37A for the US Air Force (1999)
Second prototype/demonstrator Gulfstream V long-range twin-turbofan business aircraft (1999)
Flight deck of Gulfstream V (1998)
Cabin interior of Gulfstream IV-SP business jet (1998)
Cabin interior of Gulfstream V in typical executive layout (1999)
Typical executive/VIP cabin layout for Gulfstream V (1995)
Gulfstream Aerospace Gulfstream IV twin-turbofan business transport (1983)
Gulfstream Aerospace Gulfstream V long-range business transport (1993)
First production Cessna Citation Bravo twin-turbofan business jet (1999)
Flight deck of Cessna Citation Bravo (1998)
Standard cabin interior of Cessna Citation Bravo, facing rear (1998)
Cessna 750 Citation X business jet (1998)
Cessna 750 Citation X flight deck (1998)
Cessna 750 Citation X cabin interior (1996)
Cessna 750 Citation X (1995)
Cessna CitationJet six/seven-seat light business jet (1998)
Flight deck of Cessna CitationJet (1998)
Standard cabin interior of Cessna CitationJet (1998)
Standard six-seat cabin of Cessna 525A Citation CJ2 (1999)
Computer-generated image of Cessna 525A Citation CJ2 (1999)
Cessna 525 CitationJet (two Williams-Rolls FJ44 turbofans) (1990)
Canadair Special Edition Regional Jet and Challenger 604 (background) of TAG Aeronautics Ltd (1998)
Proof of concept VisionAire VA-10 Vantage (N247VA) (1999)
VisionAire Vantage instrumentation (1998)
VisionAire Vantage cabin interior (1999)
VisionAire VA-10 Vantage six-seat business aircraft (1999)
Fourth prototype Bombardier Global Express (1999)
На Global Express установлено дублированное цифровое оборудование кабины на основе электронно-лучевых многофункциональных индикаторов размером 203 х 178 мм.
Global Express flight deck (1998)
Global Express cabin interior (1999)
Structural cutaway of the Bombardier Global Express (1997)
Alternative Global Express cabin layouts: 12 to 18 passengers (top) and 9 to 17 passengers B: baggage, E: entertainment system, G: galley, T: toilet, W: wardrobe (1995)
Bombardier BD-700 Global Express (1997)
Prototype Dassault Falcon 2000 business transport (1997)
Close-up view of Dassault's Falcon 2000 US demonstrator (1999)
Fintip housing for a Racal satellite communications terminal is an option on all models of Dassault Falcon (1998)
Flight Dynamics HGS-2850 head-up display installed in prototype Falcon 2000 (1996)
Typical cabin of a Falcon 2000 (1997)
Dassault Falcon 2000 twin-engined business transport (1991)
Learjet 31A twin-turbofan business jet (1999)
Learjet 45 business jet (1999)
Learjet 31A instrument panel (1998)
Learjet 45 flight deck with Honeywell Primus 1000 integrated avionics system (1998)
Learjet 31A interior, with increased headroom, introduced in mid-1995 from 100th aircraft (1995)
Learjet 45 cabin (1998)
Learjet 31A business aircraft (1993)
Learjet 45 business jet (two AlliedSignal TFE731-20 turbofans) (1993)
Beriev Be-32K prototype (1999)
Beriev Be-32K twin-turboprop multipurpose light transport (1999)
Hawker 800XP in the colours of Executive Jet Aviation (1999)
Hawker 800XP (two AlliedSignal TFE731-5BR-1H turbofans) (1996)
Twinjet (1999)
Artist's impressions of the Maverick Air Twinjet 1200 (1998)
Artist's impression of Century CA-100 twin-turbofan business aircraft (1999)
Seating arrangements in the Century Jet business aircraft; dimensions in inches (1999)
Century CA-100 Century Jet (Williams FJ33 turbofans) (1999)
The second flying Galaxy made its public debut at 1998 Farnborough Air Show (1999)
Flight deck of IAI Galaxy (1998)
Eight-seat executive Galaxy cabin layout (1998)
Galaxy alternative executive and corporate shuttle configurations (1997)
Cross-section of Galaxy cabin (dimensions in metres) (1999)
IAI Galaxy twin-turbofan business and commuter transport (1999)
Eight-seat double club cabin of Cessna 680 Citation Sovereign (1999)
"Сайтейшн Соверин" фирмы "Цессна" представляет собой дальнейшее развитие популярной модели "Сайтейшн" VII
Computer-generated image of Cessna 680 Citation Sovereign (1999)
'Notional' Gulfstream SBJ model used to announce the project (1999)
Robin DR 400/120 Dauphin (1999)
Robin DR 400/180 Régent (Textron Lycoming O-360-A engine) (1999)
Robin Remo 180 glider tug and four/five-seat light aircraft (1999)
Second prototype Robin DR 500i Président (1999)
Robin DR 500i Président standard IFR instrument panel (1997)
Robin DR 400/120 Dauphin 2+2 (1993)
Robin 200 (one Textron Lycoming flat-four) (1998)
Robin R 2160i aerobatic two-seat trainers of CATC, Thailand (1999)
Instrument panel of the Robin 200 (1996)
Robin 200 (HR 200/120B) two-seat trainer (1998)
Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP four-seat lightplane, showing this variant's blue and yellow trim (1999)
First exported Cessna 172R, wearing factory-standard trim this standard version (1999)
Cessna 182S Skylane (1999)
Instrument panel of Cessna 172R Skyhawk (1999)
Instrument panel of Cessna 182S Skylane (1997)
Cabin interior of Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP (1999)
Cessna 172R Skyhawk (1998)
Cessna 182S Skylane (1998)
Computer-generated image of Boeing 757-300 (1998)
Boeing 757-300, showing differences from -200 (1998)
Yakovlev Yak-54 (VOKBM M-14 radial engine) (1999)
Yak-55M single-seat aerobatic aircraft (1999)
Yak-54 sporting and aerobatic training aircraft (1999)
Beech King Air C90B Jaguar Special Edition (1998)
Aeroprakt-20 tandem-seat ultralight (1999)
Aeroprakt-20, with additional side and scrap plan views of the radiometer-equipped A-20S (1997)
Aeroprakt A-20SKh two-seat agricultural aircraft (1999)
RA-15101, the first production Myasishchev M-101T Gzhel multipurpose light aircraft (1999)
Demonstration sortie by a pair of Gzhels (1999)
Myasishchev M-101T Gzhel six-seat light aircraft (1999)
Sukhoi Su-29 training and aerobatic aircraft (1999)
Sukhoi Su-29 with additional side view (centre) of Su-31T (1998)
Socata TB 9 Tampico Club with latest version of landing gear (1998)
MR 250 engine testbed Trinidad, first flown on 3 March 1998 (1999)
Trinidad testbed for the MR 250 engine (1999)
Trailing-link main landing gear introduced on TB 9 Sprint, TB 10 and TB 200 in 1997 (1997)
Artist's impression of the Socata MS 180 Morane (nearest) and MS 250 Morane (1998)
Che-22R-2 flying boat (two Rotax 503 piston engines) (1998)
Water scoop and avionics trials for the Be-200 have been undertaken by the unique Be-12P-200/Be-128 (1999)
Airbus A330-200 in an uncharacteristic pose (1999)
Airbus A330-200 prototype displaying at Farnborough in September 1998, following refit with Rolls-Royce engines (1999)
Swissair is an early customer of the Airbus A330-200, beginning services on 25 September 1998 (1999)
Airbus A330 alternative interiors (1999)
Airbus A330 twin-turbofan airliner, developed in parallel with the A340 (1986)
Manufactured image of the Lockheed Martin X-33 scale version of RLV (1997)
Second prototype Technoavia SM-92 Finist (1999)
Technoavia SM-92 Finist seven-seat STOL aircraft (1998)
Aeroprakt-28 (two Rotax 914 piston engines) (1999)
Model of the NAL Saras (1999)
NAL Saras twin-turboprop multipurpose transport (1996)
Air Tractor AT-802A cropsprayer (1998)
Air Tractor AT-802AF firefighter in action (1998)
Air Tractor AT-802 two-seat agricultural aircraft with extra side view of AT-802A single-seater (1996)
Proteus European debut at Paris, June 1999 (1999)
Scaled Composites Proteus high-altitude radio relay aircraft (1999)
German-registered Zlin Z-143 L four-seat trainer and touring aircraft (1999)
Prototype Zlin Z-242 LA training/towing aircraft (1999)
Slovenian Army Zlin Z-242 L (1999)
Z-143 L instrument panel (1997)
Zlin Z-242 L instrument panel (1997)
Zlin Z-242 L two-seat trainer/tourer (1998)
General arrangement of the Zlin Z-143 L (Textron Lycoming O-540-J3A5 engine) (1998)
Waco Classic YMF Super reinvocation of the Waco YMF-5 three-seat biplane (1999)
Recently exhibited PZL-106AR Kruk with second cockpit for instructor added at front (1999)
PZL-106BT Turbo-Kruk agricultural aircraft (Walter M 601 D turboprop) (1999)
PZL-106 Turbo-Kruk with a PT6A-34AG turboprop and aerodynamic refinements (1998)
Flight Design CT ultralight (1999)
Beech Baron 58 four/six-seat cabin monoplane (1997)
Beech Baron 58 (two Teledyne Continental IO-550-C piston engines) (1993)
Ilyushin Il-112 twin-turboprop short-range passenger transport (1996)
Prototype Accord-201 on display at Zhukovsky shortly after its maiden flight (1998)
Avia Accord-201, showing position of retracted floats in nose and side views (1999)
Aviatika-890 single-seat light biplane (1999)
Aviatika-890 (Rotax piston engine) (1999)
Prototype AeroRIC Dingo with air cushion landing gear (1999)
AeroRIC Dingo light multipurpose aircraft (P&WC PT6A-65B turboprop) (1999)
Interavia I-1L two-seat light aircraft (1999)
MAPO SL-39 VM-1 two-seat light aircraft (1998)
Interavia I-1L (Textron Lycoming O-320 piston engine) (1999)
Technoavia SP-91, prototype for the SP-95 aerobatic competition and training aircraft (1999)
Interavia I-3 aerobatic aircraft in single-seat form (1998)
Technoavia SP-95 two-seat aerobatic aircraft; additional side view (bottom) of single-seater (1998)
Diamond HK 36TTC motor glider (Rotax 914F-3 flat-four) (1999)
Extra 300L sponsored stunt-flying (1999)
First production Extra 330, showing wider chord rudder with enlarged horn balance (height remaining unchanged) (1999)
Extra 200 aerobatic/training aircraft (1999)
Rear (main) cockpit of the Extra 330 (1999)
Extra 300L competition aerobatic aircraft (1999)
Piper PA-28-161 Warrior in British Airways' colours, operated by the staff flying club (1999)
Piper PA-28-181 Archer III (1999)
Piper PA-28R-201 Arrow (1995)
Instrument panel of 1999 Piper PA-28-181 Archer III (1999)
AASI Jetcruzer 500 six-seat business aircraft (1999)
AASI Jetcruzer 500 (1998)
ABS-built RF-9 used as a demonstrator by Gomolzig (1997)
Fournier RF-9, to be produced in Germany by Gomolzig (1994)
Aircraft Designs Stallion (1998)
Instrument panel of Aircraft Designs Stallion (1996)
Aviat Pitts S-2B aerobatic biplane (1997)
Pitts S-1T Special (1997)
Aviat Pitts S-2B (Textron Lycoming AEIO-540 flat-six) (1998)
CAP 232 F-GJGM, winner of the 1998 World Aerobatic Championships, flown by Patrick Paris (1999)
CAP Aviation CAP 232 (1997)
Pacific Aerospace Corporation Cresco operated by Fieldair at Palmerston North (1998)
22 декабря 1998г.: первый Raytheon Model 390 Premier I (N390RA) с полностью композитным фюзеляжем выполнил полет в Бич Филд (США).
Prototype Raytheon Premier I light business jet during its first flight from Wichita on 22 December 1998 (1999)
Raytheon Premier I cabin mockup (1996)
Raytheon Premier I (two Williams-Rolls FJ44 turbofans) (1999)
Aviamilano F.8L, from which the Sequoia version descends (1998)
Highlander Aircraft Highlander kitbuilt version of the ARV Super2 (1997)
Highlander Aircraft Highlander two-seat monoplane (1997)
Avid Aircraft Avid Flyer Speedwing Mark IV with rounded rudder (1998)
Tricycle version of Avid Flyer Speedwing, accompanied by tailwheel version (1999)
Learjet 60 medium-range business jet (two P&WC PW305A turbofans) (1999)
Learjet 60 flight deck (1998)
Learjet 60 cabin (1999)
Learjet 60 business transport (1993)
Artist's impression of Avtek 400A, precursor of the 419 (1999)
Avtek 400A six/10-seat twin-turboprop aircraft which is to be lengthened to become the Avtek 419 Express (1999)
Prototype Ayres 660 Turbo-Thrush (1999)
Ayres Turbo-Thrush S2R-T34 agricultural aircraft (1999)
Ayres Turbo-Thrush S2R with optional dual cockpit (1999)
TPE331-powered version of Ayres 660 Turbo-Thrush (1999)
Ayres Turbo-Thrush S2R-T34 with optional 1,930 litre (510 US gallon; 425 Imp gallon) hopper (1993)
Zenith CH 601HD built in 1997 as an exercise by the Dubai Technical Studies Institute (1998)
Zenith Zodiac CH 601HD, with half-plan view of tapered CH 601HDS wing (1998)
American Champion 7GCBC Citabria Explorer (1998)
American Champion 8GCBC Scout with optional three-blade propeller (1998)
American Champion 8KCAB Super Decathlon (1998)
Artist's impression of Bombardier's BRJ-X regional jet (1999)
Cabin section of the Bombardier BRJ-X (1999)
Provisional drawing of the Bombardier BRJ-X in 90-seat form (1999)
Previously built by Partenavia, the P.68 is now a VulcanAir product (1999)
VulcanAir AP.68TP 600 Viator 11-seater (1993)
VulcanAir - P.68C (1993)
VulcanAir AP.68TP 600 Viator (1993)
Canadair CL-415 SuperScooper (two P&WC PW123 turboprops) (1999)
Canadair CL-415 SuperScooper flight deck with Honeywell integrated instrument display system (1996)
Internal layout of Canadair CL-415 SuperScooper amphibian in firefighting configuration (1996)
Canadair CL-415 SuperScooper twin-turboprop general purpose amphibian (1992)
Cessna 206H Stationair (1999)
General arrangement of the Cessna 206H Stationaire (1999)
Lancair Columbia 300 high-performance factory-built light aircraft (1999)
Cessna Citation VII 13-passenger business jet (1998)
Cessna Citation VII flight deck (1995)
Cabin interior of Cessna Citation VII (1998)
Cessna Citation VII (two AlliedSignal TFE731-4R-2S turbofans) (1992)
Mooney Allegro four-seat light aircraft (1998)
First production Mooney M20K Encore (1998)
Mooney Bravo four-seat turbocharged light aircraft (1999)
Mooney Ovation (Teledyne Continental flat-six engine) (1998)
Mooney M20J Allegro four-seat touring aircraft, with additional side views of M20K Bravo (centre right), M20R Ovation (bottom right) and M20K Encore (bottom left)
Cirrus Design SR20 second prototype (1999)
Cirrus Design SR20 (one Teledyne Continental IO-360-ES) (1997)
Swearingen SJ30-2 prototype (1999)
Instrument panel of the SJ30-2 (1999)
SJ30-2 executive interior (1999)
Swearingen SJ30-2 business jet (1998)
Boeing MD-11 of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (1996)
Windowless MD-11F freighter flown by Taiwan's EVA Air (1999)
Boeing MD-11CF convertible freighter on lease to the cargo division of Malaysia Airlines (1999)
MD-11 two-crew flight deck with six large displays and two flight management system panels on console. The third FMS panel at rear is for ground crew use when testing aircraft avionics (1993)
A significant electronic system development has seen the use of computers to present information to aircrew on cathode-ray tube displays. The McDonnell Douglas MD-11 instrument panel features six CRT displays for presenting operational, navigation, engine and systems data. Automatic system controllers in the overhead panel monitor and configure fuel, hydraulic, electrical and environmental systems. Dual flight management systems display units are shown in the forward centre console, with a third unit, which is also used by maintenance personnel to check the condition of flight deck systems at the rear of the console.
MD-11 alternative seating configurations. A, B: 298 passengers, including 226 economy class in 3-4-2 or 2-5-2 configurations; C: 323 passengers in two classes; D: 410 economy passengers (1997)
Cabin cross-section of MD-11 in economy layout. Aisle width 48.3 cm (1 ft 7 in); height 241.3 cm (7 ft 11 in); seat width 45.7 cm (1 ft 6 in); overall width, two seats 106.7 cm (3 ft 6 in), five seats 259.1 cm (8 ft 6 in). Exterior diameter 6.02 m (19 ft 9 in) (1994)
Boeing MD-11 medium/long-range transport (1994)
Molniya-1, displaying a revised cowling with larger dorsal airscoop for the M-14PM-1 radial engine (1998)
Molniya-1 six-seat light aircraft (1999)
Myasishchev M-202PW multipurpose transport (1998)
Aeroprogress/ROKS-Aero T-101 Grach prototype (1999)
Aeroprogress/ROKS-Aero T-101 Grach turboprop utility aircraft (1999)
T-433 Flamingo in pusher configuration (1997)
Aeroprogress/ROKS-Aero T-433 Flamingo light multipurpose amphibian with original tractor configuration M-14P engine (1993)
Model of the Aeroprogress/ROKS-Aero T-620 Korshun (1996)
T-620 Korshun turboprop twin, with scrap view of alternative wingtip (1996)
Production Yakovlev Yak-112 four-seat multipurpose lightplane from the Irkutsk line (1999)
Yakovlev Yak-112 (Teledyne Continental IO-360 engine) (1998)
Diamond DA 20-C1 Katana (Continental IO-240 piston engine) (1998)
The -A1 version of the Katana was built solely in Canada following closure of the Austrian line in 1996 (1999)
DA 40-V2 prototype (Continental IO-240-B flat-four) (1999)
Instrument panel of the Diamond DA 40 Diamond Star (1998)
Diamond DA 20-C1 Katana (1999)
Diamond DA 40 Diamond Star (1999)
Model of the PZL-140 Orlik 2000 (1997)
PZL-140 Orlik 2000 small business transport, based on the Orlik turboprop military trainer (1996)
Neiva EMB-202 Ipanema single-seat agricultural aircraft (1998)
Neiva EMB-202 Ipanema (one Textron Lycoming IO-540) (1994)
Czech Aircraft Works CH 701-AG STOL two-seat crop-sprayer (1999)
Zenith STOL CH 701 constructed by students of the Dubai Higher College of Technology (1998)
CH 701-AG STOL with CZAW amphibious floats (1999)
Zenith STOL CH 701 light aircraft (Paul Jackson/Jane's) (1999)
Zenith CH 801 STOL (1999)
Lancair IV-P (Teledyne Continental TSIO-550 flat-six) (1999)
Lancair ES fixed-gear four-seater (1995)
Lancair IV cockpit, showing comprehensive avionics fit and sidestick controllers (1998)
Lancair IV four-seat light aircraft (1999)
Evektor EV97 Eurostar (1999)
Evektor EV97 Eurostar two-seat ultralight (1999)
Demonstrator B&F FK 9 Mark 3 two-seat ultralight (1999)
B&F FK 12 Comet ultralight aerobatic biplane (1999)
Prototype Found FBA-2 Bush Hawk is a rebuilt FBA-2C (1997)
Jabiru SK two-seat kitbuilt ultralight (1999)
Jabiru ST two-seat ultralight aircraft (1998)
Maule MX-7-180B Star Rocket four/five-seat light aircraft (1997)
Maule MXT-7-180A Comet (1999)
Maule MT-7-235 Super Rocket (1996)
Let-Mont Tulák two-seat ultralight (1999)
Second prototype Socata TB 360 Tangara (1999)
Socata TB 360 Tangara (Textron Lycoming O-360 engines) (1998)
Second prototype PZL-110 Koliber 160A (Textron Lycoming O-320-D2A engine) (1999)
Prototype PZL-111 Koliber 235A Senior (1999)
Instrument panel of the PZL-110 Koliber 160A (1999)
PZL-110 Koliber 160A, with additional side view (bottom) of PZL-111 Koliber 235A Senior (1999)
Stoddard-Hamilton Glasair Super II-RG (1998)
Stoddard-Hamilton Glasair III (1999)
Three-section fuselage mandrels for Hawker Horizon (1999)
Five-screen instrument panel designed for the Hawker Horizon (1997)
Hawker Horizon cabin mockup (1998)
Computer-generated image of the Hawker Horizon, which will enter service in 2001 (1998)
Hawker Horizon cabin cross-section (1997)
Hawker Horizon business aircraft (two P&WC PW308A turbofans) (1998)
Pilatus PC-12 of the Australian Royal Flying Doctor Service (1999)
Flight deck of the Pilatus PC-12 1 Digital clock and stopwatch 2 VOR/LOC glide slope indicator 3 Marker beacon receiver and lights 4 Double-needle RMI 5 Standby attitude indicator 6 Mach and airspeed indicator 7 Flap position indicator 8 Electronic ADI 9 Master caution light 10 Master warning light 11 Encoding altimeter (captain's side only) 12 Altitude and vertical speed preselector 13 Engine instrument system panel 14 GPS unit 15 Autopilot mode controller 16 Audio control console and intercom 17 Digital ADF 18 Com/nav transceiver 1 19 Com/nav transceiver 2 20 Transponder 21 Vertical profile colour weather radar control panel 22 Electronic HSI 23 Vertical speed indicator 24 ECS control panel 25 Triple trim and cabin temperature indicator, and interrupt and emergency switches panel 26 Power and flap control panel 27 Interior lighting control panel 28 HF transceiver 29 Multifunction display with control panel 30 Central advisory and warning system (CAWS) display panel 31 External lights, de-icing and landing gear control panel 32 Engine start, fuel pumps and cockpit cooling switches panel 33 HSI control panel 34 Cabin pressurisation panel (1999)
PC-12/45 typical cabin layouts (1999)
PC-12/45 cabin cross-section in medical evacuation fit (1999)
Pilatus PC-12 pressurised light utility and business transport (1995)
Piper PA-34-220T Seneca V (1999)
PZL Mielec M-20 Mewa, a Polish version of the Piper PA-34-200T Seneca II (1998)
Neiva-built EMB-810 (1998)
Piper Seneca V instrument panel (1997)
Executive work station of the Piper Seneca V (1997)
Piper PA-34-220T Seneca V six-seat twin (1998)
Commander Aircraft Commander 114TC in use as a German demonstrator (1999)
Commander 114B four-seat touring aircraft (1999)
Instrument panel of the Commander 114AT trainer (1996)
Commander 114B four-seat touring aircraft (1998)
Robin R 1180TD Aiglon II, being considered for return to production (1998)
Scheibe SF 25C Rotax Falke with optional tricycle landing gear (1994)
Scheibe SF 25C Falke powered by Rotax 912 A engine, with second side view (lower) of Rotax-powered Falke with nosewheel landing gear (1994)
Prototype Alberta Aerospace Phoenix FanJet (1999)
Retouched photograph showing the intended four-seat conversion of Phoenix FanJet (1998)
Speedtwin Mk I aerobatic sporting aircraft demonstrating its single-engine flying characteristics (1997)
Cargo loading arrangements of the L-100J Hercules (1998)
Luscombe 11E Spartan proof-of-concept demonstrator is former 11A Sedan tailwheel version (1999)
General arrangement of the Luscombe 11E Spartan (1998)
Second prototype Mylius MY-102 Tornado single-seat aerobatic light aircraft (1999)
Proposed Mylius MY-104 four-seat tourer (1999)
Boeing MD-90 of Japan Air System (1996)
Flight deck of MD-90 showing two two-screen EFIS, LED matrix engine indicators, full flight management system panels on centre console and autopilot controllers under the glareshield (1994)
Boeing MD-90-30 airliner (two IAE V2525-D5 turbofans) (1994)
Alitalia's MD-82 fleet totals 90 (1999)
Boeing MD-83 in the markings of Spanish airline Spanair (1999)
MD-88 in service with Spanish airline, Aviaco (1998)
Boeing MD-80 series modern flight deck with EFIS panels, two flight management system control displays on centre console, weather radar screen, LED engine indicators and autopilot controls in the glareshield (1994)
Typical mixed class seating arrangement in MD-80 and MD-87 (1995)
Boeing MD-87, a short-fuselage variant of the MD-80 series of airliners (1993)
EMB-720D Minuano, built by Neiva, is a Brazilian Piper Saratoga (1999)
Piper PA-32R-301T Saratoga II TC (1999)
Piper Saratoga II TC instrument panel (1999)
Piper PA-44-180 Seminole (1999)
Prototype turboprop Piper Malibu Meridian (1999)
Piper PA-46-350P Malibu Mirage pressurised, single piston-engined aircraft (1999)
Piper Malibu Meridian EFIS instrument panel (1999)
Piper PA-46-350P Malibu Mirage (Textron Lycoming TIO-540-AE2A) (1990)
First production PZL Mielec M-28 Skytruck fitted with an optional ventral pannier (1999)
Prototype BUL Zùlù ultralight (Rotax 912 piston engine) (1999)
BUL Zùlù two-seat ultralight (1999)
Robin R 3000/160 four-seat light aircraft (1999)
Robin R 3000/140 (O-320-D2A engine) (1984)
100-местный самолет Airbus Industrie A318 (проектное изображение) предназначен для того же сектора рынка, что и Boeing-717
Airbus A318 was announced at Farnborough in September 1998; ILFC will be launch customer (1999)
Airbus A318 representative cabin layouts for 107 seats (top) and 117 seats A: attendant's seat, S: screen (1999)
General arrangement of the Airbus A318 (1999)
America West Airlines' first A319 (of 22) was delivered on 8 October 1998 (1999)
First Airbus A319 for US Airways flew on 22 September 1998 (1999)
Airbus Corporate Jet interior (1998)
Sleeping arrangements aboard the ACJ (1999)
Potential interior layout of Airbus Corporate Jet (1998)
Typical Airbus interiors for the A320 family (1999)
Aer Lingus Airbus A321 prior to delivery from what is now DaimlerChrysler (1999)
Airbus A321 in non-standard All Nippon Airways colours (1999)
Airbus A321 cutaway drawing, showing the two different engines initially available. Plugs in the A321 fuselage can be identified by the additional doors fore and aft of the wing. Structure otherwise also represents the A320 and the shortened A319. Engines on the wing are CFM56-5B1. Additional engine is IAE V2530-A5. Airstairs are optional and, where specified, fitted only at the forward door (1993)
A321 stretched development of the Airbus A320 (1995)
Bombardier Continental flight deck (1999)
Bombardier Continental cabin mockup (1999)
Computer-generated image of Bombardier Continental (1999)
Provisional general arrangement of the Bombardier Continental (1999)
Boeing 737-500 (CFM56 turbofans) (1998)
Boeing 737-300 operated by the Netherlands airline KLM (1999)
Boeing 737-400 of Czech Republic operator Travel Service taxying at Fuerteventura, Canary Islands (1999)
Boeing 737-300/400/500 series flight deck (1996)
Boeing 737-500 interior with 108 passengers in two classes (1997)
Boeing `Classic' 737 typical interior arrangements. Top: 737-500 with 108 passengers; centre: 737-300 with 128; bottom: 737-400 with 146. Seat pitches are 91 cm (36 in) for first class, 81 cm (32 in) for economy class (1996)
Three-view drawing of Boeing 737-400, with additional side views of 737-500 (top) and 737-300 (centre) (1988)
Second prototype Dash 8 Q400 (1999)
Sextant five-screen suite of the Dash 8 Q400 (1999)
Dash 8 Q400 in 74-seat configuration A: airstair/Type I exit, A2: passenger door/Type I exit, B: baggage, BD: baggage door, F: folding seat, G: galley, L: lavatory, S: service door/Type I exit, TI/TII: Type I/Type II exits, W: wardrobe (1997)
General arrangement of the Dash 8 Q400 (1999)
Boeing 747-400 of Kuwait Airways (1998)
Boeing 747-400 flight deck (1996)
Representative Boeing 747-400 interior configurations for dual- or multiple-class travel (1996)
Boeing 747 Combi interiors, showing all-passenger and passenger/freight arrangements (1995)
Cross-section of Boeing 747 showing low- and medium-density seating (1995)
Boeing 747 medium- and high-density seating (1995)
Cabin cross-sections of Boeing 767 (left), 777 (centre) and 747 show progression in size designed to afford greater scope in seating layout. External diameter of Boeing 767 is 5.03 m (16 ft 6 in); Boeing 777 is 6.20 m (20 ft 4 in); and Boeing 747 is 6.49 m (21 ft 3 1/2 in). LD-1, -2 and -3 are international-size freight containers. Boeing 747 upper deck extends only part-way along the fuselage (1994)
Boeing 747-400 advanced long-range airliner (General Electric CF6-80C2 engines) (1986)
Preproduction CMC Leopard business jet during test flying in September 1997 (1998)
CMC Leopard preproduction version (two Williams International FJX-1 turbofans) (1999)
Cutaway drawing of Boeing Business Jet (1998)
Three typical interior configurations for Boeing Business Jet. Forward half is identical for all G: galley, L: lavatory, S: storage, SH: shower (1997)
Boeing Business Jet corporate transport (1999)
Aero Boero 180 RVR of the Córdoba Police Force (1997)
Aero Boero 180 AG with ventral chemical pod and spraybars (1998)
Brazilian registered Aero Boero 115 two/three-seat lightplane (1995)
Aero Boero 115 Trainer (Textron Lycoming O-235-C2A engine) (1998)
Aero Boero 180 RVR (Textron Lycoming O-360-A1A engine) (1998)
US-built Thorp T-211, demonstrator for the version produced in the UK by DM Aerospace (1999)
Derringer light twin, now returned to production (1999)
Christen Eagle II in appropriate markings (1999)
Zenair Zenith CH 2000 multipurpose trainer (1999)
Interior details of the Zenith CH 2000 (1997)
AviaBellanca 19-25 Skyrocket II prototype displayed at Oshkosh, August 1997 (1998)
Great Plains Sonerai II two-seat homebuilt (1996)
Spencer S-12-E Air Car (1998)
Van's RV-4 kitbuilt (Textron Lycoming O-320 engine) (1998)
Van's RV-6 tailwheel kitbuilt (1998)
Van's RV-8 second prototype (1998)
Van's RV-8A first flew April 1998 (1999)
Interior detail of Van's RV-6A (1996)
Van's RV-6 lightplane, with additional side view of RV-6A (1998)
Van's RV-8 two-seat light aircraft, with additional side view of RV-8A (1999)
Computer-generated view of the proposed Wolfsberg Raven 257 (1998)
Wolfsberg Raven 257 utility aircraft (1998)
Embraer EMB-145 SA surveillance aircraft with dorsal Erieye surveillance radar antenna (1999)
The remote sensing EMB-145 RS, with belly-mounted IRIS radar and chin-mounted Skyball E-O/IR sensor (1999)
Prototype PZL-126P Mrówka (1999)
PZL-126P Mrówka light agricultural aircraft (1998)
General arrangement of the Wizard two-seat lightplane (1996)
AMF Chevvron 2-32 two-seat ultralight and trainer (1998)
Artist's impression of a large airliner based on the Myasishchev GP-60 formula (1998)
General arrangement of GP-60 series of design studies (1998)
SkyStar Kitfox two-seat kitbuilt (1998)
LK-2M Sluka single-seat ultralight (1999)
Letov ST-4 Azték (Rotax 582 engine) (1999)
CFM Streak Shadow two-seat ultralight (1998)
Reduced wing chord characterises the Star Streak SA-II (1999)
Star Streak SA-II cockpit (1999)
Model of Ayres LM200 Loadmaster (1998)
Ayres LM200 Loadmaster (1998)
Prototype Khrunichev Aist, powered by a VOKBM M-14 radial (1999)
Khrunichev T-421 variant of the T-411 Aist (1997)
Teledyne Continental version of Khrunichev T-411 Aist four/five-seat light aircraft (1998)
G-REDX, the first European-built Berkut, was completed early in 1999 (1999)
The `centennial' Berkut at the Philippine Naval Air Group facility at Sangely Point Air Base in early 1999 (1999)
Prototype of the Explorer Aircraft multirole utility transport (1998)
Explorer Aircraft Explorer 350R (Teledyne Continental flat-six engine) (1999)
Artist's impression of the mid-range Freight Feeder 200 and its maximum cargo (1998)
General appearance of the AUC FF-1080-200 Freight Feeder (1998)
ATR 72-500 demonstrator prior to redesignation from ATR 72-210A (1999)
ATR 72-200 (two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW124B turboprops) (1993)
Carlson Skycycle, based on Piper PA-8 Skycycle of 1945 (1999)
Replica Tiger Moth produced by Fisher Flying Products (1996)
Fisher Dakota Hawk two-seat kitbuilt (1996)
Second prototype Gippsland GA-8 Airvan eight-seat utility transport (1999)
Gippsland GA-8 Airvan (Textron Lycoming IO-580 engine) (1999)
Flying wing airliner proposals from Airbus-CAHI (TsAGI), Airbus and Boeing (McDonnell Douglas) (1997)
Revised CAHI (TsAGI) LK 900 design of 1997 for a blended wing UHCA (plan view partly sectioned) (1998)
Fuselage mockup of the Ae 270 Ibis utility transport (1998)
Ibis Aerospace Ae 270 W, with additional side views of the retractable-gear Ae 270 P (top) and wheeled-float Ae 270 FW/FP (1994)
Europa XS prototype G-EUXS, which made its first flight on 21 March 1997 (1999)
Nosewheel version of Europa (1998)
Europa can be de-rigged and loaded on its trailer in less than 5 minutes (1999)
Prototype Europa Motor Glider (1999)
Standard (monowheel) version of Europa, with additional side elevation of tricycle option and partial plan view of Europa Motor Glider (1998)
Model of the five-seat NLA AC-500 (1999)
NLA AC-500 flight aircraft (1999)
AAT Baljims 1A two-seat kitplane (1999)
Common configuration agreed by Aerospatiale, BAe and DaimlerChrysler Aerospace for the European Supersonic Research Programme (ESRP) advanced supersonic transport (1994)
Japan's National Aerospace Laboratory has formulated this design for an SST (1998)
Japanese/NAL study for a one-tenth, unmanned SST testbed powered by two turbojets (1999)
Plan view of NASA's TCA study for a next-generation SST (1996)
HSCT study by McDonnell Douglas prior to Boeing merger (1997)
AT-3 prototype during a 1998 test flight (1999)
Aero (Antoniewski) AT-3 two-seat lightplane (1999)
Aero-Kuhlmann SCUB two-seat ultralight on twin floats (1999)
Aero-M A-209 in model form (1997)
General arrangement drawing of the Aero-M A-209 (1997)
Prototype Aerocomp Comp Air 10, first flown on 1 April 1998 (1998)
Aerocomp Comp Air 10 (1998)
Aerocomp Comp Air 6 six-seat composites kitplane (1998)
Aerocomp Comp Air 6 High Gross tricycle version (1998)
Aerocomp Comp Air 6 on floats (1998)
Aerocomp Comp Monster trainer, with nosewheel option (1998)
Aerocomp Comp Monster four-seat kitbuilt (1998)
Rotax 618-powered Merlin GT (1996)
Floatplane version of Merlin GT (1996)
Aeropract-19 prototype (Hirth F30 piston engine) (1999)
Aeropract-21M Solo single-seat sporting aircraft (1999)
General arrangement of the Aeropract-21M Solo after addition of a fin fillet (1999)
Aeropract-23M Trainer (one Rotax 582 piston engine) operating from a frozen lake (1998)
Aeropract-23M (one Rotax 582 piston engine) (1998)
Aeropract-25 Breeze four-seat light amphibian (1997)
Aeropract-25 multipurpose amphibian (1998)
Aeroprakt-26 twin-engined ultralight (1999)
Prototype Aeroprogress/ROKS-Aero T-311 Kolibri under construction (1996)
T-311 Kolibri multipurpose lightplane (1999)
Prototype AII AVA-202 trainer (1999)
Aviation Industries of Iran AVA-202 two-seat trainer (1997)
General arrangement of the AVA-404 projected STOL transport (1999)
Air Command Commander 147A (1999)
Air Light Wild Thing two-seat ultralight (1999)
General arrangement drawing of the Air Light Wild Thing (1999)
AkaFlieg München Mü30 Schlacro (1998)
General arrangement of the AkaFlieg München Mü30 Schlacro (1998)
AkroTech Aviation Giles G-200 (nearest) and G-202 (1997)
AkroTech Aviation Giles G-200 (1996)
AkroTech Aviation Giles G-202 (1996)
Akrotech Giles G-300 (1999)
Alfa-M A-211 two-seat lightplane (LOM M332A engine) (1996)
Preproduction example of American Homebuilts' John Doe (1999)
Computer-generated image of the original AirJet 70 (1997)
Provisional drawing of the original AirJet 70 regional airliner (1997)
'American' version of the Avia Baltika lightplane, the LAK-XA (1998)
Production version of the Avia Baltika LAK-X (1996)
Aviacomplex AS-2 two-seat lightplane (1998)
General arrangement of the Aviacomplex AS-2 (1999)
Aviat Husky A-1 two-seat utility aircraft (1998)
Aviat Husky A-1 (Textron Lycoming O-360 flat-four) (1998)
Second prototype Aviatehnologia Favorit (1999)
Prototype Aviatika-960 light passenger/freight aircraft (1996)
Aviatika-960 (Rotax piston engine) (1998)
Non-retractable twin-mainwheel version of the J-5 Marco (1996)
J-5 Marco motor glider version (1997)
Aviaton Merkury light transport at its public debut (1999)
Prototype B&F Funk FK 11 on display at Friedrichshafen in 1997 (1998)
B&F Funk FK 11 tandem-seat ultralight (Suzuki motorcar engine) (1998)
Prototype Bede BD-12 high-performance single-seat monoplane (1996)
BHEL LT-IIM Swati two-seat club trainer (1997)
The AD-200N with underwing spraybars (1998)
Beijing Keyuan AD-200B tandem two-seat floatplane (1999)
Floatplane version of the NLA FT-300 three-seat lightplane (1997)
AD-100, produced by Nanjing Light Aircraft (1997)
E-Z two-seat ultralight (1996)
Prototype Bohem 1 two-seat ultralight (1999)
CATA LMK.1 Oryx kitplane (1995)
Side elevation of Chernov Che-15 floatplane (1998)
S-302 amphibian (Hirth F30 piston engine) (1998)
Third prototype of the CRO Metallica LG2 (1998)
Metallica LG2 two-seat ultralight (1998)
Provisional drawing of the CSIST ARL-1 commuter transport (1999)
The Culp Special made its public debut at Sun 'n' Fun 1996 (1997)
Prototype Custom Flight North Star two-seat lightplane (1997)
Dallach Fascination D.4 two-seat kitbuilt aircraft (1997)
General arrangement of the Dallach Fascination D.4 (1997)
Falcon SST features, shown in this artist's impression, would have included small cabin windows positioned well toward the nose (1999)
Provisional configuration of the Dassault Falcon SST
Delta Pegass two-seat ultralight (1998)
Dorna Blue Bird two-seat light aircraft (1999)
Dubna-1 Shmel single-seat light aircraft equipped with optional floats (1999)
Dubna-2 Osa two-seat multipurpose light aircraft (1999)
Dubna-2 light aircraft (Rotax 912 engine) (1998)
Dyn'Aéro CR100 in French military service (Ecole de l'Air) (1999)
General arrangement of the Dyn'Aéro CR100 (1999)
Dyn'Aéro MCR01 VLA (nearest) and ULM (1999)
Prototype Dyn'Aero MCR01 Club (1999)
Dyn'Aero MCR01 ULM, with additional side view (lower) and half-plan view of VLA, plus scrap side view of Club (1999)
VH-FPO is one of the Series 100 Eagles since converted to a Series 150 (1998)
Representative Eagle (X-TS) instrument panel (1996)
Eagle 150 two-seat light aircraft (1999)
Artist's impression of the Estaca Alizé (1999)
Prototype Euro ALA Jet Fox 97 (1998)
General arrangement of the Euro ALA Jet Fox 97 (1999)
Exclusive Aviation Grand 51 (Textron Lycoming T53-L-701A) (1998)
Explorer Aviation Ellipse (N8069X) (1999)
St Lucian-registered Express Express four-seat kit aircraft (1999)
Fantasy Air Cora Allegro (1999)
Fly Synthesis Storch two-seat ultralight (1999)
General arrangement of the Fly Synthesis Storch (1999)
Flying K Sky Raider; this aircraft fitted with two-cylinder four-stroke 2BY4 engine built at Portland, Oregon (1999)
Second prototype Fournier RF-47 light trainer and club aircraft (1999)
Fournier RF-47 two-seat light aircraft (1999)
Freebird Freebird (1999)
Freedom Lite Sky Watch SS-11 two-seat ultralight (1999)
General Avia F.22-R delivered to a New Zealand customer (1999)
Prototype General Avia F.220 Airone four-seat tourer (1999)
General Avia F.22-B (nearest camera) and F.22-R (1996)
General Avia F.22-R two-seater (1993)
General Avia F.220 Airone four-seater (one Textron Lycoming IO-360) (1996)
Isometric view of Gevers 6-650 Genesis (1996)
Front views of Genesis, showing landing gear configurations for water and runway operation, and cruising flight (1996)
Gevers 6-650 Genesis variable span amphibian (1996)
Gippsland GA-200 Fatman agricultural aircraft (1996)
Gippsland GA-200 Fatman in standard two-seat form (1993)
Prototype Goair Trainer at Avalon in March 1995 (1995)
Goair Trainer (115 hp Textron Lycoming O-235) in prototype configuration (1995)
Prototype Griffon Lionheart six-seat kitbuilt biplane (1999)
Unpressurised prototype of Grob GF 200 in late 1995 configuration (1999)
Instrument panel of the Grob GF 200 prototype (1995)
Grob GF 200 all-composites four-seat business aircraft (1993)
Prototype Gunasekera McGuire 11 under construction (1998)
Current production example of the HAIG N-5A (1998)
The single/two-seat N-5A crop-sprayer/duster (1999)
HAIG N-5A agricultural monoplane (1997)
Hellenic Aeronautical Technologies LS2 (VW motorcar engine) (1999)
Hellenic Aeronautical Technologies LS2 (1999)
Fixed landing gear version of the HB-207 Alfa (1999)
HB-207RG Alfa two-seat lightplane (1998)
Cockpit of the HB-207 Alfa (1999)
HB Flugtechnik HB-207RG Alfa (Volkswagen engine) (1999)
General arrangement of the He-Ro's HC-2, including side elevations of the open-cabin HC-2MTR Club-MiniTrainer (upper) and HC-2MCR Camp-MiniCruiser (1998)
General arrangement of the He-Ro's HGM-2 LadyBird motor glider (1999)
Prototype Hepp HX 300 under construction (1998)
Hepp HX 300 Surprise all-wood kitbuilt (1997)
Prototype HK Wega, German series production version of the SkyStar Turbo Pulsar (1999)
Hughes GR-912 nosewheel version (1997)
Hughes GR-912 tailwheel version (1997)
Hughes Australian Light Wing Sport 2000 (Rotax 912 flat-four) (1998)
IAR Brasov IS-28M2/GR motor glider (Rotax 912 engine) (1998)
JAR-VLA certification of the IAR-46 was expected in 1999 (1998)
IAR-46 side by side two-seat very light aircraft (1994)
III Sky Arrow 650 Exocet (1996)
Production Ikarus C 42, used as a demonstrator (1999)
Ikarus C 42 folded for storage (1998)
Ikarus C 42 (Rotax 912 UL piston engine) (1999)
Ikarusflug Eurofox two-seat ultralight aircraft (1998)
Eurofox Pro nosewheel version of Ikarusflug Eurofox (1997)
Ikarusflug Eurofox, a modified version of Kitfox, with additional side view of nosewheel Eurofox Pro (1998)
Computer-generated image of the projected IL AS-2 lightplane (1998)
First prototype Instytut Lotnictwa I-23 Ibis (134 kW; 180 hp O-360 engine) (1999)
Instytut Lotnictwa I-23 Ibis four-seat light aircraft (1999)
INAV's latest design, the two-seat IAR-501 (1998)
Interplane Griffon ultralight (1997)
Interplane Skyboy ultralight (1999)
Artist's impression of the baseline 104/114-seat IPTN N-2130-100 (1998)
Mockup of the N-2130 flight deck (1999)
N-2130 first class cabin in mockup form (1999)
IPTN N-2130 in basic 104/114-seat configuration, with additional side view (bottom) of the stretched N-2130-200 (1998)
Second prototype J6 Fregata in ultralight configuration (1997)
J6 Fregata single-seat motor glider (1999)
Motor glider version of J6 Fregata (1998)
JammAero/Starcorp Rainbow Chaser (Rotax 447 engine) (1998)
Artist's impression of the Jaran Tempest (1997)
Jaran 184 Tempest (1998)
Second prototype Junkers Ultima (1999)
Kaiser Magic aerobatic biplane prior to its maiden flight (1998)
General arrangement of the Kaiser Magic (1998)
KP-2U Sova ultralight (1999)
Kappa KP-2U Sova two-seat ultralight (1997)
Mockup of the Khrunichev T-440 Merkury, pictured immediately following its unveiling on 21 August 1997 (1998)
Khrunichev T-440 Merkury executive transport (1998)
Kimball (Pitts) Model 12 (VOKBM M-14P) (1998)
Kolb FireFly (29.8 kW; 40 hp Rotax 447 engine) (1999)
Kolb Sling Shot (47.7 kW; 64 hp Rotax 582 engine) (1999)
Kolb FireFly single-seat ultralight (1999)
Kolb Sling Shot two-seat ultralight (1999)
Model of the Lambert Mission M212-100 (1996)
Lambert Mission M212-100 (Zoche ZO-01A diesel engine) (1999)
Lancair 360 Turbo (134 kW; 180 hp Textron Lycoming) (1999)
Liberty Bellaire ultralight kitplane (1999)
Profiles of the Liberty Bellaire ST (top), AL and SE (1999)
Mockup of the proposed LII Chirok amphibian (1998)
MAI-Avgur Krechet VTOL light transport (1998)
Micco SP20 production prototype (1998)
Micco SP20 two-seat light aircraft (Textron Lycoming flat-four) (1999)
Prototype Moniot APM-20 Lionceau all-composites two-seat trainer (1999)
Nose of APM-20 Lionceau third prototype, showing revised contours of JPX engine cowling (1998)
APM-20 Lionceau (Rotax 912 engine) (1998)
Standard tailwheel version of Murphy Rebel (1999)
Murphy Rebel seaplane on Full Lotus twin floats (1999)
Prototype Murphy SR 2500 Super Rebel four-seat lightplane (1997)
Murphy Maverick G-MYSS, used to obtain UK type approval (1996)
Murphy Rebel three-seat lightplane (1997)
Murphy Maverick two-seat ultralight (1999)
Murphy Renegade II two-seat biplane (1998)
An elaborate, radial type of engine cowling identifies the Murphy Renegade Spirit (1998)
Murphy Renegade Spirit (1999)
Artist's impression of the proposed Myasishchev M-150 utility transport (1998)
Myasishchev M-150 general arrangement (1998)
Model of M-201 Sokol as revealed in 1995 (1996)
Myasishchev M-201 Sokol 11-seat light transport (1998)
Model of Myasishchev's M-203 Barsuk (1999)
Myasishchev M-203 Barsuk (Pratt & Whitney R-985 radial engine) (1999)
General arrangement of the proposed NAL fan-lift VTOL airliner (1998)
NAL/TAAL Hansa-3 production prototype two-seat civil trainer (1997)
NAL/TAAL Hansa in production configuration
Prototype AVo 68-R Samburo, converted from a 68-S (1998)
Nogatec WAF 96 light utility two-seater (1998)
Prototype Noin Choucas (Rotax 503 piston engine) (1997)
Noin Choucas tail-less light aircraft (1999)
Folding propeller of the OUV Sinus (1999)
Sinus prototype S5-NBP (1997)
Prototype Thunder Mustang scale kitbuilt replica of the P-51D (1998)
Papa 51 Thunder Mustang (Paul Jackson/Jane's) (1998)
Prototype PC-Flight Pretty Flight (1999)
Pottier P 230 Panda three-seat kitbuilt (1999)
Preceptor Storch three-quarters scale ultralight version of Fieseler Storch (1999)
Prototype Private Explorer `flying motor-home' (1999)
Mainwheel suspension of the Private Explorer (1999)
Private Explorer interior, viewed from the bed (1999)
Prototype Private Explorer (Textron Lycoming flat-six engine) (1999)
Computer-generated image of PZL-112 Koliber Junior, exhibiting some detail differences from the published drawing (1999)
Provisional drawing of PZL-112 Koliber Junior primary trainer (1999)
Model of the PZL-240 Pelikan (1999)
PZL-240 Pelikan turboprop utility biplane (1999)
Prototype Radwan Swift Mk I (1999)
Rans S-12XL with fully enclosed accommodation (1999)
Model of Rans S-15 Pursuit II (1995)
Prototype Rans S-16 Shekari (1999)
Rans S-16 Shekari, with additional side view of optional nosewheel version (1999)
Test flight by the prototype Rans S-17 Stinger (1998)
Rans S-7 Courier on Full Lotus floats (1999)
Rans S-7C Courier two-seat factory-built light aircraft (1999)
Remos Mirage prototype, as originally fitted with three-blade propeller (1997)
Remos G-3 Mirage (1998)
Lightning Bug high-performance monoplane (AMW 808 two-stroke engine) (1996)
RFW WLAC-1 White Lightning four-seat composites kit aircraft (1996)
RFW WLAC-1 White Lightning (1995)
Swing two-seat ultralight (Rotax 912 UL engine) (1997)
Tailwheel version of the S-Wing Swing (1999)
SAU R-50 Robert six-seat amphibian (1998)
Mockup of the Saviat E-1 (1999)
Close-coupled foreplane and wing of the Saviat E-5 (1998)
Projected Saviat E-5 15-seat light transport (1998)
Scheibe SF 40C replaces the original version's Sauer engine by a Rotax 912 (1999)
Scheibe SF 40C ultra-lightweight aircraft (1999)
Artist's impression of the SG Aviation Sea Storm amphibian (1999)
SG Aviation Sea Storm (1999)
Storm 280 SI two-seat ultralight (1998)
SG Aviation Storm 300 Special (1997)
Storm 300 Special cockpit instruments (1998)
SG Storm, nosewheel version (1998)
The diminutive A-16 on display at Zhukovsky in 1997 (1998)
Skyfox CA-25N Gazelle with tricycle landing gear (1998)
Nosewheel version of Rotax 912-engined Pulsar, constructed in Italy (1999)
Tailwheel version of Pulsar (1999)
Soko 2 in original configuration with small winglets (1998)
SSLF HU-2B Petrel 650B two/three-seat light aircraft (1997)
Rotax-engined Petrel 650C landplane (1998)
Computer-generated image of the SSVOBB Impuls two-seat light aircraft (1997)
SSVOBB Impuls (MWAE rotary engine) (1999)
GlaStar demonstrator, on Aerocet 2200 floats (1999)
Tricycle version of GlaStar two-seat kitplane (1999)
Three-view drawing of the TAI Ziu agricultural and firefighting aircraft (1999)
Technoflug Carat (Volkswagen motorcar engine) (1999)
Tecnam P96 Golf two-seat low-wing ultralight aircraft (Rotax 912 piston engine) (1998)
Tandem-seat, tricycle-gear TL-232 Condor Plus (1999)
Side by side seat, tailwheel TL-132 Condor (1998)
TL-32 Typhoon ultralight (1998)
TL-96 Star (Rotax flat-four engine) (1999)
The two-seat TL-96 Star (1999)
Tri-R KIS TR-1 two-seat kitplane (1998)
Tri-R KIS Cruiser four-seat tourer (1996)
Urban UFM 11 Lambáda (1999)
UFM 11 version of the Urban Lambáda (1998)
Viking Cygnet SF-2A two-seat light aircraft (1995)
General arrangement of the Viking Cygnet SF-2A (1999)
Viking Aircraft Dragonfly Mark I (1994)
Viking Aircraft Dragonfly Mark II (1998)
VSTOL Pairadigm (1998)
Wag-Aero 2+2 Sportsman (1998)
Wag-Aero Wag-A-Bond (1998)
Wag-Aero Sport Trainer (1998)
Scale proof-of-concept model of the Warrior Centaur (1999)
General arrangement of the Warrior Centaur amphibian (1999)
Yalo/Aviata GM-01 Gniady glider tug (1998)
Unnamed Yalo/Aviata hydroplane under construction (1998)
Zenith Gemini CH 620 prototype (1997)
Zenith Gemini CH 620 (two Jabiru 2200 piston engines) (1998)
Prototype Euro-ENAER EE 10 Eaglet (formerly the third Ñamcu) making its first flight in Europe on 8 May 1998 (1998)
Textron Lycoming O-320-D2A fitted to Euro-ENAER EE 10 Eaglet (1999)
Euro-ENAER EE 10 Eaglet cockpit layout (1999)
Euro-ENAER EE 10 Eaglet (Textron Lycoming O-320 flat-four) (1998)
Cessna Citation Excel preproduction aircraft (1998)
Eight-seat cabin interior of Cessna Citation Excel (1999)
Cockpit of Cessna Citation Excel showing Honeywell Primus 1000 avionics with three-tube EFIS (1999)