Jane's All the World Aircraft 2000
Long complete, but still unflown, the MiG 1-44 generated great interest when unveiled at the beginning of the year, despite being the prototype of a prototype which will never see service (1999)
Although, reportedly, poised to absorb the MiG design bureau, Sukhoi does not restrict its studies to combat aircraft. The 860-seat KR-860 could rival the A3XX or an as-yet undesignated Boeing - if only funding were available (1999)
C-FKGX выполнил первый полет в сентябре 1997 года. Это первая машина, оснащенная всем штатным оборудованием. Самолет использовался для тестирования надежности и эксплуатационных испытаний.
Business aircraft are big business, and getting bigger. The intercontinental range Bombardier Global Express is now gathering customers, many of them participating in fractional ownership schemes (1999)
Designed in 1933, the Bücker Bü 131 Jungmann has returned to production in Poland as the Historic Aircraft Service T-131PA - by no means the only vintage flying machine to enjoy unexpected resuscitation at the close of the millennium (1999)
Nothing more substantial than artists' impressions - this, the 250-seat European PERS - are available to illustrate a second-generation supersonic transport 30 years after Concorde's maiden flight. Development of a potential US replacement has just been delayed by 10 years (1999)