Jane's All the World Aircraft 2000
MiG 1-44, pictured at its public debut (1999)
MiG 1-44 proof-of-concept multirole fighter (1999)
Slovak Air Force MiG-29UB (`Fulcrum-B') two-seat combat trainer in `low-visibility tiger' colour scheme and accompanied by a MiG-29 `Fulcrum-A' (1999)
Malaysian Air Force `MiG-29N' (1998)
Late production MiG-29 operated by No. 28 Squadron, Indian Air Force, at Pune (1999)
Cockpit of MiG-29SD (`Fulcrum-A') development aircraft 36581 (1995)
MiG-29SD/SE cockpit key 1 Oxygen control panel 2 AFCS panel 3 Communications control panel 4 Flaps control panel 5 Throttle lever 6 Aiming control panel 7 AFCS controller 8 Radar control panel 9 Landing gear control valve 10 Canopy manual operating handle 11 Landing lights control panel 12 Landing gear emergency extension handle 13 Pilot approach display 14 Altimeter 15 Airspeed indicator 16 Optical and electronic aiming and navigation control panel 17 AoA and acceleration indicator 18 Emergency braking valve handle 19 Flight director indicator 20 Navigation instruments 21 Heading setting panel for AHRS 22 Pitot static tube selector switch 23 Voltmeter 24 Cabin air temperature selector 25 Braking system pressure gauge 26 Clock 27 Machmeter 28 Vertical speed and turn-and-slip indicator 29 Nosewheel braking handle 30 HUD and control panel 31 Radio altimeter 32 Jamming release system control panel 33 Oxygen supply indicator 34 Hydraulic and pneumatic system pressure indicator 35 Exhaust gas temperature indicator 36 Tachometer 37 Radar screen 38 Fuel quantity and flow meter 39 Air intake ramp position indicator 40 Warning panel 41 EKRAN BITE display 42 Jamming control panel (MiG-29SE) 43 Control stick 44 IFF panel 45 Power plant emergency modes control board 46 Standby compass 47 Annunciators 48 Short-range navigation and landing system control panel 49 Cabin, glass and probe heating control panel 50 Canopy emergency jettison handle 51 Internal and external lighting panel 52 Ventilation selector switch (canopy or pilot) 53 Radio control panel 54 Illumination warning control panel 55 Radio compass controls 56 Lighting panel 57 IFF system panel 58 Guidance system controls 59 Power generating system control board 60 Engine starting control panel 61 Aircraft systems switchboard 62 Aircraft systems control panel 63 Combined armament-control system control panel (1997)
Three-view drawing of MiG-29S `Fulcrum-C' fighter. Additional side views at top show late-model `Fulcrum-A' and two-seat `Fulcrum-B' (1997)
`Glass' cockpit of sixth prototype MiG-29M (05556) (1995)
MiG-29M advanced counter-air fighter (1995)
MiG-31BM demonstrator, armed with R-33s (AA-9) AAM under fuselage, Kh-31 (AS-17) ASM on inner wing pylons (Kh-58/AS-11 on starboard wing) and R-77 (AA-12) AAM on both outer wing pylons (1999)
MiG-31M development aircraft 21496 with original refuelling probe and windscreen (1998)
Front cockpit of MiG-31 (`Foxhound-A') (1994)
Russian Sukhoi Su-25 (`Frogfoot-A') armed with a Kh-23 (AS-7 `Kerry') ASM (1999)
Sukhoi Su-25 (`Frogfoot-A') close support aircraft of Czech Air Force (1998)
Sukhoi Su-28 (Su-25UT), with added side elevation (centre) of Su-25K (1990)
Unsuccessful in the market, the Su-28 usefully illustrates the `Frogfoot's' airbrakes and double-slotted flaps (1999)
Specially prepared aerobatic display Su-27PD of the `Test Pilots' team from Gromov Flight Test Centre, Zhukovsky (1999)
Sukhoi Su-27 `Flanker B' of the Ukrainian Air Force (1999)
Weapons options for the Su-27SMK multirole fighter: unguided air-to-surface (above) and guided air-to-air and air-to-surface (right). X-29, X-31, X-25 and X-59 have alternative Westernised designations Kh-29, Kh-31, Kh-25 and Kh-59 (1996)
Sukhoi Su-24MP (`Fencer-F') electronic warfare/jamming/ sigint aircraft, accompanied by an Su-30 (1998)
Production Sukhoi Su-33 ship-based air defence fighter preparing to take off from the carrier Kuznetsov (1999)
T10K-6, the sixth prototype Su-27K ship-based fighter (1998)
Su-33 wing trailing-edge, showing drooping ailerons and two-section Fowler flaps mounted on semi-drooping elements (1998)
Sukhoi Su-35 multirole fighters (1998)
Late prototype Su-35 No. 709 (1998)
Cockpit of Sukhoi Su-35 (1997)
Sukhoi Su-35 single-seat counter-air and ground attack fighter (1993)
Sukhoi Su-37 in typical air display pose (1998)
Jet nozzle of Sukhoi Su-37 (1997)
Three B-2A Spirits of 509th Bomb Wing back-taxi down the runway at Whiteman AFB (1999)
Northrop Grumman B-2A Spirit demonstrating its split outer elevons (1999)
Кабина B-2
B-2A Spirit two-man flight deck (1994)
Northrop Grumman B-2A Spirit strategic penetration bomber (1998)
Kawasaki EP-3 electronic surveillance aircraft for the JMSDF (1998)
Mitsubishi F-15J air superiority fighter of the JASDF (1997)
Artist's impression of Boeing KC-767 Tanker/Transport refuelling an F-15 Eagle (1998)
Two F-16C Fighting Falcons of the Air National Guard's 157th Fighter Squadron, based at McEntire ANGS, carrying HARM and AMRAAM missiles (1999)
Block 52D F-16C of 366th Wing with HARM targeting system and AGM-88 missiles underwing plus AIM-9 Sidewinder and AIM-120 AMRAAM (1998)
F-16C of the 23rd Fighter Squadron, 52nd Wing at Spangdahlem, Germany (1999)
Per Udsen MRP on the centreline of a Belgian F-16A (1999)
Samsung-built F-16C of the Republic of Korea Air Force (1999)
Late standard F-16 cockpit, as installed in MLU aircraft (1995)
Новейший Block 60 в окраске ОАЭ, изображенный художником "Локхид Мартин"
Computer-generated image of an advanced F-16 configuration with an internal FLIR (ahead of cockpit) and conformal fuel tanks (1999)
Cutaway drawing of Lockheed Martin F-16 (1995)
Lockheed Martin F-16C Fighting Falcon weapon options (1995)
F-16C (GE F110 turbofan) with extra side view (top) of two-seat F-16D (P&W F100 turbofan) (1998)
F-16D of the Colorado Air National Guard's 120th Fighter Squadron (1999)
F-16D two-seat Fighting Falcon built by TAI (1999)
C.15 Spanish version of the Hornet, flown by Ala de Caza 12 at Torrejon (1999)
AN/AAS-38B NITE Hawk targeting FLIR pod on F/A-18 Hornet (1996)
Royal Air Force Jaguar GR. Mk 1A specially marked for the type's 25th service anniversary (1999)
HAL Maritime Jaguar of No. 6 Squadron, Indian Air Force (1999)
Maritime Jaguar cockpit (1999)
The second EMD F-22A taking fuel from a KC-135E from Edwards AFB (1999)
Second prototype Dassault Mirage 2000-5F (No. 77) with four Matra Mica AAMs under the fuselage and two Matra Magic 2s outboard underwing (1999)
Mirage 2000-5F of first operating squadron EC 1/2 `Cicognes' pictured during working-up at Mont-de-Marsan. External differences from original 2000C configuration include a `bullet' antenna on the fin leading-edge (1999)
Three Taiwanese squadrons are equipped with Mirages, including this, the first of 48 2000Ei versions (1999)
Mirage 2000-5 cockpit (1996)
Dassault Mirage 2000-5DDA, with added side view (bottom) of Mirage 2000-5Ei (1999)
One of the 13 JMSDF Kawasaki P-3Cs fitted with a dorsal satcom radome (1998)
HAIG A-5C export version of `Fantan' (1997)
Cockpit of A-5C (1995)
HAIG A-5C `Fantan' single-seat twin-jet combat aircraft (1997)
Layang 1 prototype conversion of SF-260M to SF-260TP (1999)
An early production Tornado GR.Mk 1 of the Trinational Tornado Training Establishment, which disbanded in March 1999 (1999)
German Tornado IDS of AG 52, equipped with centreline reconnaissance pod (1999)
Tornado IDS in the markings of the German Navy (1999)
German Tornado ECR carrying two HARM missiles below the fuselage and painted for additional deterrent effect (1999)
RAF GR. Mk 1 ZD748 (Johnny Walker) of No. IX Squadron confirms that the 25 year old Tornado is still going strong (1999)
Two Tornado GR.Mk 4 development aircraft display this version's distinguishing feature of a pair of sensors below the forward fuselage (1998)
Panavia Tornado IDS multirole combat aircraft (1993)
Take-off by a Boeing C-17A Globemaster III of 437th Airlift Wing (1999)
Trial by one of five C-17As fitted with flare dispensers for self-defence (1999)
C-17A thrust reverser in operational position, with rear portion of engine cowling slid rearward (1999)
Flight deck of the C-17A Globemaster III (1996)
Cargo hold of the Boeing C-17A, looking forward (1997)
C-17A cargo area dimensions (1998)
Circuits of the C-17's hydraulic system (1997)
The proposed KC-17 borrows from the KC-10, but refuelling controllers would rely on closed-circuit TV instead of direct vision (1997)
Artist's impression of USAF (CTOL) Joint Strike Fighter as envisaged in early 1999 (1999)
Boeing JSF Configuration 373, with additional plan view (right) of X-32A Configuration 372 (1999)
Главным оружием класса "воздух-воздух" для самолета Gripen стала усовершенствованная ракета средней дальности AIM-120B, называемая в Швеции RB99. B середине 1999 года она была допущена для оперативного применения, что позволило самолету Gripen стать настоящим самолетом воздушного боя.
Test firing of AIM-120 AMRAAM from a Gripen prototype in April 1998 (1999)
Saab JAS 39A Gripens of F7 at low level (1999)
Refuelling trials with a mockup probe being conducted with an RAF VC10 in November 1998 (1999)
Detail of Lot 2 Gripen cockpit instrumentation (1997)
Cockpit of the Lot 2 JAS 39A (1995)
Instrumentation for Lot 3 Gripen, showing enlarged screens (1999)
Interior details of the JAS 39A Gripen (1996)
JAS 39A Gripen multirole combat aircraft for the Swedish Air Force, with additional side view (top) of two-seat JAS 39B (1997)
Initial Lockheed Martin F-22A EMD aircraft with port segment of main weapons bay open (1999)
First two EMD F-22As at Edwards AFB test site (1999)
F-22 cockpit concept demonstrator at Marietta (1995)
Computer-generated image of F-22 main weapons bay containing six AIM-120C radar-guided missiles (1996)
Flush antenna locations on the F-22A (1998)
Plan view of the F-22A showing locations of EW equipment (1998)
Production (Configuration 645) Lockheed Martin F-22A (1997)
Mockup of the Lockheed Martin (X-35) JSF contender (1999)
Mockup of USAF variant of Lockheed Martin JSF (1999)
Схема силовой установки JSF фирмы Локхид
Computer-generated image of US Marine Corps/Royal Navy Configuration 220B JSF, showing Allison lifting fan behind cockpit and bleed air reaction controls at the wingroot (1998)
Structural details of Lockheed Martin's JSF 220B contender (1998)
USAF (Configuration 220A) version of X-35 JSF, with additional side views of US Navy (220C; centre) and Marine Corps/Royal Navy (220B; bottom) versions (1997)
F-8 IIM in attack mode, with bombs, rocket pods and air-to-air missiles (1998)
SAC J-8 II single-seat multirole fighters (1997)
The first F-8 IIM retracting its landing gear after take-off (1997)
R-27R1 (`Alamo') and PL-9 missiles under the wing of the F-8 IIM (1997)
The modernised cockpit of the F-8 IIM (1997)
J-8 II version of the `Finback' twin-jet fighter (1986)
BAe Sea Harrier FA. Mk 2 V/STOL fighter and attack aircraft (1999)
BAe Sea Harrier FA. Mk 2 landing on a Royal Navy carrier (1999)
BAe Sea Harrier FA.Mk 2 (1992)
Northrop Grumman E-2C Hawkeye early warning and control platform of US Navy's Force Aircraft Test unit (1999)
Interior layout of E-2C Hawkeye, showing three combat staff positions directly beneath the rotodome (1999)
Northrop Grumman E-2C Hawkeye (Allison T56 turboprop engines) (1983)
Rafale cockpit (1996)
Rafale weapon options (1998)
Dassault Rafale B, with additional side views of single-seat Rafale C (centre) and navalised Rafale M (bottom) (1996)
First MiG-29K prototype, showing navalised features and refuelling probe (1998)
Refuelling probe of the MiG-29K (1998)
TD-1 first prototype of the LCA, rolled out on 17 November 1995 and due to fly in 1999 (1999)
LCA instrument panel (1998)
Model of LCA in naval configuration at Aero India Air Show in December 1996 (1997)
LCA inboard profile (1996)
Demonstrator for MiG-29SM, armed with AA-10 (inboard), AA-8 and AA-11 missiles (1998)
`MiG-29SM' demonstrator 36034, with semi-retractable refuelling probe, is actually a 9.12 (`Fulcrum-A') airframe (1998)
First full-standard MiG-29SMT prototype 35400, which first flew on 14 July 1998 (1999)
First `production' MiG-29SMT upgrade nearing completion at the MiG plant in late 1998 (1999)
MiG-29SM refuelling probe (1998)
Cockpit of MiG-29SMT prototype 05533; that of full-standard aircraft 35400 is as MiG-29UBT (1999)
Block diagram of MiG-29SMT cockpit avionics with advanced airborne digital computer system 1* Identification friend-or-foe control panel; emergency IFF 2* IFF transponder with operating modes 1/2/3/C/S 3* Mode 4 Cripto comp 4* V/UHF radio station control panel; emergency control 5, 6 V/UHF radio 7 Intercommunication equipment 8 Multifunctional colour display unit 9 Data entry unit (DTU or ADL) 10, 11 Multifunction indicator (MFI) 12* Tactical navigation system or distance measuring equipment 13* VOR/ILS navigation system 14 Gimbal-less inertial navigation system with embedded global positioning system 15 Multimachine computer system (MCS) 16 Head-up display 17 Short-range navigation system 18 Radar 19 Electro-optical sighting system (IRST) 20 Weapons interface unit 21 Checkout and monitoring system 22 Electronic warfare and countermeasures (EW and SPJ) 23 Signal conditioning and switching unit 24 Integrated electronic flight control system 25 Aircraft equipment 26 Weapons control system 27 Video recorder 28 TV signal switching unit 29* Video camera 30* Other Western equipment 31 Air data computer system 32 Electro-optical targeting pod * Western equipment (1999)
MiG-29SE weapon options (1996)
MiG-29SMT, with additional side view (lower) of MiG-29UBT (1999)
MiG-AT advanced trainer (two Larzac 04-R20 turbofans) (1998)
Prototype MiG-AT two-seat advanced trainer (1999)
Second MiG-AT, displaying armament of rocket pod, gun pod, bomb and R-73 (AA-11 `Archer') AAMs (1999)
Front cockpit of MiG-AT (French avionics) (1998)
Front cockpit of second prototype MiG-AT showing Russian avionics (1998)
Internal details of the MiG-AT (1996)
MiG-AT advanced trainer (1995)
Former East German L-39 Z0 now in civilian ownership in the UK (1999)
Two new L-39 ZAs delivered in October 1998 to the Lithuanian Air Force are inspected by its C-in-C on arrival (1999)
Aero Vodochody's L-139 demonstrator during gun trials (1998)
Front cockpit of the L-139 (1995)
Rear cockpit of the L-139 (1995)
Construction details of the Aero L-139 Albatros (1996)
L-139 weapon options (1996)
Ilyushin Il-114P maritime patroller (1998)
Projected Ilyushin Il-114FK surveillance platform (1998)
XAC JH-7 maritime strike aircraft, armed with wingtip PL-5 and underwing C-801 anti-ship missiles (1997)
JH-7 development aircraft of the China Flight Test Establishment, 1998 (1999)
JH-7 at Airshow China '98 (1999)
XAC JH-7 interdictor (1999)
Artist's impression of the J-10 fighter, allegedly based on the IAI Lavi (1997)
First development batch Eurofighter, armed with four AIM-120 and two AIM-9 missiles (1998)
Eurofighter DA5 with leading-edge flaps extended (1999)
В полете - четвертый и второй прототипы "Еврофайтера"
UK-built Eurofighter trainer DA4 (nearest), accompanied by the single-seat DA2 (1999)
The first Eurofighter aerial refuelling was conducted by DA2 from RAF VC10 K Mk 3 ZA149 over the Irish Sea on 14 January 1998 (1999)
Кабина пилота истребителя EF2000
Eurofighter Typhoon cockpit (1997)
Representative Eurofighter Typhoon weapon loads (1999)
Configuration of the full Eurofighter defensive aids subsystem (1999)
Eurofighter Typhoon with scrap view of two-seat version (1998)
First prototype Mitsubishi XF-2A, which made its initial flight on 7 October 1995 (1998)
Second Mitsubishi XF-2B two-seat operational trainer (1999)
The principal F-2 contractors (1997)
Mitsubishi F-2A, with additional side view (top) of two-seat F-2B (1997)
Вид на "Цзин Го" снизу - хорошо видна подвеска ракет TC-2
Ching-Kuo of the RoCAF with underfuselage inert Sky Sword 2 air-to-air missiles, showing the wrap-around camouflage scheme (1999)
Cockpit of the AIDC Ching-Kuo (1996)
Inboard profile of the Ching-Kuo (1996)
Ching-Kuo weapon options (1996)
AIDC Ching-Kuo fighter (two ITEC TFE1042-70 turbofans), with additional forward side view of two-seat version (1998)
Cockpit mockup of the projected FC-1 fighter, 1998 (1999)
Рисунок истребителя FC-1, разрабатываемого специально на экспорт
Model of the FC-1, marked `Super-7' but differing in detail from previous models of that defunct programme (1999)
Provisional drawing of the CAC FC-1 multirole fighter (1997)
CAC J-7EBs of the PLAAF aerobatic team (1999)
CAC J-7 III of the Chinese PLA Air Force taking off for a mission (1997)
Cockpit layout of the F-7MG (1997)
CAC F-7MG, cutaway drawing key (1997)
F-7MG weapon options (1997)
CAC F-7M Airguard single-seat fighter and close support aircraft; upper plan view shows modified outer wings of J-7E and F-7MG (1993)
M-96 full prototype SP-PWG, displaying to best advantage its taller fin, Fowler flaps, leading-edge slats and LERX (1998)
Front cockpit of the M-93K (1995)
PZL Mielec M-96 Iryda tandem-seat advanced trainer with external armament (1998)
Aermacchi M-290TP Redigo (Allison 250 turboprop) (1999)
M-290TP Redigo cockpit instruments (1998)
Aermacchi M-290TP Redigo turboprop-powered multistage trainer (1994)
Second production MB-339CD (MM55063) in service with the RSV trials establishment (1999)
First MB-339CE delivered to the Eritrean Air Force (1998)
Cockpit of MB-339CD/FD (1997)
MB-339C weapon options (1996)
Aermacchi MB-339CD advanced trainer and attack aircraft, with additional starboard side view of optional refuelling probe (1997)
Французский Atlantique 2 сопровождает субмарину - весьма опасная, ввиду полетов в сложных условиях на малой высоте, и сложная задача, требующая высокого мастерства и терпения.
Dassault Atlantique 2 of the French Navy (1998)
Two-crew flight deck proposed for the Atlantique 3 (1998)
Model of proposed Dassault Atlantique 3 (1998)
Projected Dassault Atlantique 3 maritime patrol aircraft (1999)
Beriev A-50 (`Mainstay') AEW&C aircraft (1999)
Beriev A-50 AEW&C version of Ilyushin Il-76, known to NATO as `Mainstay' (1993)
Sukhoi Su-25TM (Su-39) all-weather attack aircraft (1999)
Kopyo-25 radar pod and NNPU-8M twin-barrel 30 mm gun below an Su-25TM (1997)
Cockpit of Sukhoi Su-25TM (1996)
Sukhoi Su-25TM single-seat anti-tank aircraft (1992)
MiG-29 in plan, demonstrated by a Hungarian 'UB (1999)
Sukhoi Su-27IB third prototype taking off from Zhukovsky (1998)
Complex nose landing gear of the Su-34 (1998)
Instrument panel of the Su-32FN `44' displayed at Paris in June 1997 (1997)
Three-view drawing of Sukhoi Su-27IB twin-turbofan theatre bomber (1994)
Boeing's M10 aircraft is broadly similar to the NASA Hyper X project (1997)
Airbus A310 AEW&C proposal with non-rotating Elta radar above rear fuselage; current configuration includes a large dorsal air scoop mid-spine (1997)
Sukhoi Su-27UB ('Flanker-C') two-seat operational trainer (1999)
Artist's impression of the Type 301 hypersonic project (1999)
Sukhoi Su-24MR (`Fencer-E') of Russian air force (1995)
Sukhoi Su-24M (`Fencer-D') strike aircraft with spine-mounted MAWS (1999)
Cockpit of Sukhoi Su-24MR (`Fencer-E') (1993)
Sukhoi Su-24M (`Fencer-D') variable geometry attack aircraft (1990)
The stretched current production version of the GAIC FT-7P (1999)
Front cockpit of the GAIC FT-7. Rear cockpit of the GAIC FT-7 (1995)
MiG-29 `Fulcrum-C' of the `Ukrainian Falcons' aerobatic team (1999)
Model of Sukhoi Su-49 shown in its 1997 configuration (1997)
Sukhoi Su-49 civil and military primary trainer (1998)
Maritime surveillance CN-235 MP Persuader of the Irish Air Corps (1999)
Proposed cockpit for the Samsung KT-2 (1999)
Artist's impression of the KT-2 trainer/light attack aircraft to be developed by Samsung and Lockheed Martin (1999)
The four current members of Dassault's business jet family: Falcon 900EX (top), Falcon 900B, Falcon 2000 and Falcon 50EX (1999)
Raytheon Hawker U-125 navaid calibration aircraft (1997)
Assisting the Eurofighter Typhoon programme is Euroradar ECR 90 testbed One-Eleven ZE433, belonging to the UK's DERA (1999)
BAe Hawk T. Mk 1 modified as the Advanced System Training Aircraft, giving variable stability training capability to the ETPS (1999)
Hawk T. Mk 1A of No. 19 Squadron/No. 4 FTS, Royal Air Force (1999)
BAe Hawk Mk 61 in service with the Dubai Air Force (1999)
First prototype L 159 during an early test flight (1998)
Second (single-seat) L 159 prototype 5832 immediately prior to its first flight (1999)
Instrument panel of the L 159 (1997)
L 159 weapon options (1999)
Aero L 159 light attack aircraft (1996)
Revised configuration of the Sukhoi S-54 in mid-1997, now resembling a single-seat, scaled-down Su-27 (1997)
Model of an unarmed S-55, showing ventral strakes and LERX extending forward to radome (1998)
The original Su-54 advanced trainer (1999)
Two-seat concept for Sukhoi S-54 with additional side view (lower) of S-55 (1997)
Cockpit of the Sukhoi Su-25UTG (1999)
MiG-31M (057) armed with AA-12 missiles below the wings and AA-X-13s under the belly (1998)
MiG-31M (`Foxhound-B') all-weather interceptor (1997)
Beriev `976' Il-76SKIP range control and surveillance aircraft at Zhukovsky (1999) скип
MiG-29UBT prototype 08134 pictured at the Zhukovsky test centre (1999)
Front cockpit of MiG-29UBT prototype 08134 (1999)
Rear cockpit of MiG-29UBT prototype 08134 (1999)
`Red 139', the Chengdu J-7FS technology demonstrator prototype (1999)
Boeing F-15S Eagle of the Royal Saudi Air Force (1997)
Boeing F-15I Ra'am in distinctive Israeli camouflage (1999)
Boeing F-15E Eagle equipped for high ordnance payload air-to-ground mission (1987)
An AMX-T of 101 Gruppo/32º Stormo fitted with a refuelling probe (1999)
Single-seat AMX of the 16º Grupo, Brazilian Air Force (1998)
AMX cockpit instruments and controls (1996)
Structural cutaway of the Italo-Brazilian AMX (1996)
Alenia/Aermacchi/Embraer AMX, in production for the air forces of Italy and Brazil; upper side view shows two-seater (1991)
Aero L-59 demonstrator (1999)
L-59 T export version of the Tunisian Air Force (1998)
Aero L-59 two-seat basic and advanced jet trainer (1992)
Artist's impression of Boeing AL-1A destroying a missile by laser fire (1998)
Boeing/BAe T-45C Goshawk, newly delivered to Training Wing One (`A' on fin), being prepared for a type qualification catapult launch from USS John F Kennedy before the start of student training in July 1998 (1999)
Cockpit 21 digital display was approved by the Department of the Navy on May 30, 1996 for installation in the T-45A fleet. The first production aircraft to be equipped will be aircraft No 84, scheduled to be delivered in October 1997.
T-45C Goshawk `Cockpit 21' digital avionics (1997)
Boeing/BAe T-45C Goshawk tandem-seat basic and advanced trainer (1999)
Beech RC-12Q Direct Air Satellite Relay (1998)
BAe's Hawk 200RDA demonstrator, repainted in 1998 in the McLaren car racing team colours (1999)
BAe Hawk Mk 208 operated by the Royal Malaysian Air Force (1999)
Indonesian (second batch) Hawk Mk 209 undertaking carriage trials of AGM-65 Maverick ASMs at Warton in early 1999 (1999)
The single-seat British Aerospace Hawk 200 Series with nose-mounted radar (1992)
Launch of a Maverick ASM from the second two-seat Super Hornet (1998)
Super Hornet weapons trials have included launch of AIM-120 AMRAAM from the second two-seater (1998)
The first F/A-18F moments before landing on USS John C Stennis, during carrier trials (1998)
Avioane IAR-99 Soim avionics upgrade aircraft (1999)
IAR-99 front cockpit with up-front control panel (1999)
Rear cockpit of the newly upgraded IAR-99 (1999)
JASDF Kawasaki T-4 twin-turbofan intermediate trainer employed by the F-15 Eagle-equipped No. 305 Squadron (1999)
Blue and white Kawasaki T-4 of the `Blue Impulse' aerobatic team (1998)
Kawasaki T-4 trainer (two Ishikawajima-Harima F3-IHI-30 turbofans) (1984)
Northrop Grumman E-8C Joint STARS aircraft (1999)
Inboard view of E-8C Joint STARS, showing operators' positions (1996)
Northrop Grumman E-8C Joint STARS surveillance aircraft (1996)
`First-generation' IA 63 Pampa tandem-seat jet trainer (1999)
LMAASA IA 63 Pampa NG two-seat basic and advanced jet trainer (1983)
British Aerospace Hawk 100 Series demonstrator (1999)
Cockpit of BAe Hawk Mk 100 mockup (1996)
Proposed cockpit of BAe Hawk LIFT (1999)
British Aerospace Hawk 100 with wingtip Sidewinders and additional side view (top) of Hawk 60 Series (1995)
Dassault Mirage 2000N strike aircraft of Escadron de Chasse 2/4 `La Fayette' (1999)
Mirage 2000D trials aircraft attached to the Dassault weapons evaluation base at Cazaux (1999)
First Dassault Mirage 2000-5DDA for Qatar (1999)
Comparison of strike/attack Mirage 2000 cockpits (1995)
Mirage 2000-5 potential weapons options (excluding two internal 30 mm cannon and chaff/flare system). Hardpoint maximum loads are given in kilogrammes; (1) internal guns in single-seat versions only (1998)
Artist's impression of possible FI-X configuration as JASDF's next-generation fighter (1995)
Panavia Tornado F. Mk 3 interceptors of Nos. 29 (disbanded October 1998) and 56 Squadrons, RAF (1996)
ShinMaywa US-1A four-turboprop SAR amphibian (1997)
ShinMaywa US-1A ocean-going search and rescue amphibian (1993)
Drop tests of Rockeye CBUs from the fifth single-seat Super Hornet (1998)
Static test airframe ST50 successfully engages the arrester barrier during trials at Lakehurst, New Jersey (1998)
First production F/A-18E Super Hornet displays insignia of development squadron VX-9 (1999)
The first Super Hornet carried two AIM-7 AAMs, two AGM-65E ASMs and two AGM-154 JSOWs during the final flutter flight test on 23 October 1998 (1999)
Boeing F/A-18E Super Hornet (1992)
Boeing F/A-18C Hornet of training squadron VFA-125 (1999)
Late production Boeing F/A-18C Hornet of squadron VFA-82 (1999)
Boeing F/A-18C Hornet with additional side view (top) of F/A-18D (1991)
Final batch of F/A-18D Hornets delivered to Malaysia in August 1997 (1998)
Artist's impression of the proposed turbofan-powered Greyhound 21 (1998)
Northrop Grumman Greyhound 21 (1998)
Fifth (first preproduction) Daewoo KT-1 two-seat basic trainer (1999)
Diagram of KT-1 front cockpit (1999)
Daewoo KT-1 basic trainer (P&WC PT6A-62A turboprop engine) (1999)
В январе 1999г. правительство Франции заказало новую партию из 48 многофункциональных истребителей Rafale, выполнив свое данное обещание корпорации Dassaul Aviation.
Первый серийный Rafale В (301) поднялся в небо 24 ноября 1998 года. Первые две машины передали в центр в Истре. Самолет Rafale В может управляться экипажем из двух человек или одним летчиком.
First production Rafale, No. B 301, flew on 24 November 1998 (1999)
Aerobatic demonstration by Rafale B01 (1999)
Dassault Rafale B01, the first two-seat aircraft, equipped with two APACHE SOMs and three external fuel tanks (1999)
First C-130J to arrive in the UK, on 22 July 1998, was world tour aircraft N4099R, a standard length USAF aircraft (1999)
Second Lockheed Martin C-130J-30 Hercules C. Mk 4 delivered to the UK (ZH873) overflying The Needles (1999)
Flight deck of the C-130J, showing HUDs and EFIS (1996)
Internal arrangement of a proposed AEW variant of the C-130J-30 with AN/APS-145 radar (1998)
C-130J Hercules accommodation; standard and (illustrated) stretched versions compared (1995)
C-130J performance improvements over the C-130E and C-130H (1997)
Поскольку выпуск Boeing 707 был прекращен, в качестве базы для создания самолета ДРЛОиУ для Японии был выбран Boeing 767-200. Этот E-767 оснащен РЛС Northrop Grumman AN/APY-2, на вооружении японских ВВС имеются четыре такие машины. "Boeing" также выпускает 767-е в виде воздушных танкеров и транспортных самолетов по заказу Италии и Японии.
The first JASDF Boeing 767 AWACS during its initial flight with the rotodome installed (1999)
AWACS version of Boeing 767 airliner (1995)
Model of Boeing 737 AEW&C variant offered to Australia (1999)
JAS 39B two-seat Gripen, armed with Sidewinder AAMs (1999)
Vinten Vicon 70 Srs 72C reconnaissance pod on a Gripen's shoulder pylon (1999)
Spanish two-seat Eurofighter DA6 wearing its `experimental fighter-trainer' designation XCE.16 on the fin (1999)
Rafale M02, the second naval prototype (1999)
Carrier landing by Rafale M02 (1999)
The French Rafale - seen here during carrier trials - is likely to lose its significant lead to the Eurofighter, thanks to the current French socialist government.
MiG artist's concept of a possible LMFI, the I-2000 (1999)