Aeroplane Monthly 1983-08
P.Sammons - Fighting in the Flying Coffin
94th BG B-17F, Virgin’s Delight, leaves Marienberg after the mission of October 9, 1943.
97th BG B-17E Little Snow Flake, Some of this unit’s aircraft were painted RAF-type dark earth/dark green camouflage with light pastel blue undersides.
The Boeing B-17G bombardier's position, looking forward.
Close up of B-17 Fortress ball turret, regarded as the worst crew position with its cramped space though it did provide a unique vantage point for the occupant.
The rear gunners' compartment looking forward (B-17E).
Rear gunners' compartment on a B-17F, looking aft.
The rear view of the navigator's station in a B-17F.
The same view of a B-17G's navigator's position.
Close-up of B-17 ball turret position.
Aft view of B-17F radio room.
Port side wall details of a B-17F radio room.
Starboard side wall details of B-17F radio room.
Rear gunners' compartment with gunners at the ready.
A Fortress after returning from a daylight raid over France in late 1942.