Aeroplane Monthly 1983-08
P.Jarrett - Grapevine
Conspicuous in its all-black scheme and 85 Squadron codes, the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Hurricane LF363 is seen at the Biggin Hill Air Fair on May 14-15, 1983.
In the Fabricair hangar at Southend Airport, Essex, Hawker Sea Hawk WN994, is being prepared to fly again.
The Science Museum has now agreed that when Aces High’s Lockheed Constellation G-CONI has been moved by road from Dublin Airport to Wroughton and reassembled (probably about now), it will be purchased by the Museum to become part of the Transport Aircraft Collection at Wroughton. Its colour scheme has yet to be decided.
Meanwhile, the Collection's Sopwith Pup is getting the full treatment in the workshops.
De Havilland Dragonfly G-AEDU, bought by American millionaire property developer Charles A. Osborne of Louisville, Kentucky, at Christie’s Duxford auction, took off on June 10, 1983 on the first leg of its ferry flight to the USA. The aircraft, fitted with radio for the first time in its life, was piloted by American pilots Mike Simmons and Charles Shontz.
Solent 3 N9946F Halcyon is semi-restored, but needs financial assistance in order to fly again.
Now on display in Old Warden's de Havilland Hangar following a speedy restoration is D.H.53 Hummingbird G-EBHX.