Air International 1997-01
B.Walters - From the Pilatus Eyrie
Two Eagles on the flight line at Stans, with the PC-12’s stablemates a pair of PC-9s and a PC-6 Turbo-Porter. Note that the nearest Eagle (HB-FOG) is fitted with a surveillance pod and the farthest one (HB-FOB) has winglets, but no pod.
Seen in company with a PC-9, this plan view of the Eagle shows its single-engine, slender fuselage and high aspect ratio wing configuration.
With the proven reliability of its PT6A turboprop, the Eagle provides a safe and economical platform for a wide variety of missions including maritime surveillance.
One of the modifications made to the Eagle to comply with the exacting requirements of FAR 23 is the fitment of winglets as seen here on the second PC-12, HB-FOB, now converted as an Eagle demonstrator. Another modification will be the extension of the fin.
Northrop Grumman (formerly Westinghouse) has developed the Sensor Management System for the Eagle, featuring consoles and display systems which provide multi-sensor fusion information.
Three view drawing of the PC-12 Eagle.