Aeroplane Monthly 1984-06
??? - A midsummer night's dream
Focke-Wulf Fw 190A-3 MP499, photograph was taken at RAE Farnborough on August 5, 1942.
Detail of the starboard undercarriage leg.
Оперение FW 190A3. Открыт инспекционный лючок
Close-up of the empennage showing detail of the panel in the fin which gave access to the tailwheel retracting mechanism.
The 14-cylinder, twin row radial BMW 801D engine, rated at 1,700 h.p. at 18,000ft. The three-bladed propeller was 10 1/2 ft in diameter and had a blade chord of 12in. The long-chord engine cowling had a diameter of 52in.
The cockpit of Fw 190 5313 / MP499 on show for The Aeroplane’s photographer at Farnborough in August 1942. The back of the pilot's seat was protected by an armour plate of 8mm thickness. Another 1/2 in armour plate was placed at the back of the pilot's head, and both were neatly formed to fit in to the curved shape of the cockpit cover. The windscreen was bullet-proof.