Aeroplane Monthly 1984-06
J.King - Foxes in the Roaring Forties (2)
FRANK MORMILLO’s centre-spread picture depicts Hawker Sea Fury T.Mk 20 NX20SF in company with an Edwards AFB F-16. Dreadnought was last year's Reno Races winner and is being flown by Neil Anderson. The F-16 pilot is Maj Bruce Stott, a Canadian Armed Forces test pilot. The photograph was taken in December 1983.
Harvard/T-6 N7765C and Blanik sailplane N97AS in formation over Santa Ynez, California, in January 1983. Pilots are Rick Drury and Mike Machat. Photograph by JOHN WEGG.
Frank Molloy, NAC's manager, South Westland Services, and Fox Moth ZK-AEK in postwar airline colours.
Fox Moths ZK-AEK and ZK-ADI on arrival at Arawhata Valley with a party of trampers in 1939.
Fox Moth ZK-ASP flying over the Fox Glacier, South Island, New Zealand, in 1972.
Six small boys admire Bert Mercer and his Fox Moth, ZK-AEK, on the beach at Bruce Bay, South Westland.
Fox Moth ZK-AGM in post-war NAC colour scheme.
The four WAAF passengers and the wreckage of Fox Moth ZK-AEK on Franz Josef Glacier, October 1943.
Salvaging Fox Moth ZK-AEK in difficult ice conditions at the end of 1943.