Air International 2023-03
M.Broadbent - Electric trailblazer
The X-57 arrives at Edwards from prime contractor Empirical Systems Aerospace of San Luis Obispo, California in 2019
NASA’s all-electric X-57 Maxwell undergoes high-voltage ground testing at NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center in California
The new XM3 cruise motor controller spinning a X-57 cruise motor at Empirical Systems Aerospace in San Luis Obispo, California
All-electric cruise motors to be used on NASA’s X-57 Maxwell underwent power and endurance testing
NASA's all-electric X-57 Maxwell prepares for ground vibration testing in NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center at Edwards AFB, California
Flight test data is both recorded on board and telemetered to the control room where it will be monitored for quality
ES Aero is the prime contractor for the X-57
High-voltage ground testing at Armstrong Flight Research Center
Artist’s impression of the final X-57 configuration with the leading-edge motors
NASA said as many as five larger transport-scale X-pianes are also planned as part of the initiative that will see the X-57 demonstrate hybrid engine technologies.