Air International 2023-03
M.Scharenborg, R.Wenink - Forest Fire Fighters
From June 1 to October 1, the Nevada Division of Forestry Aviation Services teams operates 24 hours a day
In addition to dealing with forest fires, the team helps with SAR missions all year
The official mission of the NDF is to conserve the state of Nevada’s natural resources and communities
A Bambi Bucket long line can be used to avoid obstacles, provide access to confined water areas or simply to stay higher above the flames. It can be extended to 130ft below the helicopter
NDF’s Aviation Services’ area of responsibility covers the whole State of Nevada
Bambi Buckets help fill Wildlife Water Guzzlers, providing Nevada wildlife with water in dry seasons
The Nevada Division of Forestry Aviation Services team has begun offering hoist training to other emergency services divisions
Two of the 22 crew members employed by the NDF during forest fire season
NDF’s first helicopters entered service in 1974
One of the NDF’s tasks is to reseed areas damaged by forest fires with fire-resistant varieties
An upgraded Eagle Single helicopter joined the NDF Aviation Services fleet in 2019
Both types flown by the NDF feature a hoist capable of handling 600lb