Aeroplane Monthly 1987-11
P.Jarrett - First of the trimotors: the Radley-England Waterplane
Gordon England's optimistic smile was unjustified; the Waterplane 2 would not leave the water.
The Waterplane 2’s Sunbeam engine proved troublesome.
Flotation tests of Waterplane 2 on the River Adur at Shoreham. The new clinker-built hulls are conspicuous, as well as the large radiator and fuel/lubricant tank.
The machine was built for the "Circuit of Britain," and was remarkable for the fact that the occupants sat in the floats, which were clinker built. It was designed by Gordon England.
Eric Gordon England looks down on Palace Pier, Brighton, on May 26, 1913, just before the Waterplane Is landing accident.
The triple-Gnome powerplant.
Preparing for tests on the River Adur at Shoreham, May 1913. Note the long forward struts, recently added.
Taxying out for take-off at Brighton.
Landplane trials at Portholme. Gordon England is in front on the left, James Radley in front on the right.
"Waiting for a tow"
Starting-up for the same flight - note the prop-swinger, balanced precariously on a wooden box on the shingle beach.
The pilot's position in the starboard hull.
Gordon England awaits his rescuers as the Waterplane 1 sinks after hitting a floating object on May 26, 1913.