Aeroplane Monthly 1987-11
R.Riding - Aggie's airline
Schoolchildren about to savour the delights of flying, boarding Rapide G-AGUF at Heathrow.
Monique Agazarian with IAS Rapide in the Fifties.
Monique Agazarian about to take off in the same aircraft.
The same Rapide pictured at Heathrow on October 7, 1953 - a BEA Ambassador is taking off in the background.
One of several D.H. Dragon Rapides operated by Island Air Services. G-AFFB was first owned by the Iraq Petroleum Transport Company, in 1938. It was finally withdrawn from use in 1962.
Island Air Services Rapide G-ALBB, Pickles III was destroyed during a landing accident at Heathrow on September 1, 1952.
Monique Agazarian at the controls of an IAS Dragon Rapide.
The same lady - different aircraft. Monique with Aer Lingus Dragon EI-ABI at St Mary's Aerodrome during celebrations marking 50yr of aviation in the Stilly Isles in September this year.
Another view of IAS proctor 5 G-AHTF, with Monique Agazarian at the controls.
Island Air Services Percival Proctor 5 G-AHTF pictured over the Stilly Isles in 1947. In December 1953 this aircraft was sold to Finland and became OH-PPB.
Proctor 5 G-AHTF being loaded with boxes of flowers at St Mary's Aerodrome in March 1947. Up to 50 boxes at a time were flown from the Scillies to the mainland.