Air Pictorial 1978-01
R.Lindsay - Joyride in a Jetstream /Flying with the RAF today/
Scottish Aviation Jetstream T.1 XX495 "72" of the Multi-Engine Training Squadron. R.A.F. Leeming - the aircraft in which the author flew alter first photographing it from a Bulldog
"Watch your 6 o’clock, Rusty!" as our Bulldog slips beneath the Jetstream's tail for a closer look. Note the uncovered main wheels
Jetstream XX495 displays its colour scheme white cabin roof, scarlet fuselage stripe, wingtips, fin and tailplane, with pale grey undersurfaces. This view also gives some indication of the Jetstream's comprehensive navaids fit: the large blade aerials behind the cockpit and beneath the fuselage are for the two V/UHF radios; small "spike" atop the fuselage is the IFF/SSR aerial: black oblong is the ADF loop aerial, while the long strutted horizontal aerial is the ADF sense aerial. VOR and ILS localiser aerials are just discernible on the fin below "72", and the nose contains the ILS glidepath aerial, plus AC/DC supply and Flight Director equipment
Against a backcloth of wispy cirrus, Jetstream XX495 tides slightly nose high as F/Lt "Rusty" Ironside holds her back to 110 kt. so that our Bulldog can keep up
Half the METS Jetstream fleet, with entry stairs down ready for the arrival of the crews who were scheduled to go night-flying. Aircraft are (left to right) XX498, XX497, XX499 and XX495
The spacious Jetstream cabin: Clyde Robinson (left) and Graham Parr at the controls
Author poses by Scottish Aviation Bulldog T.1 XXF14, the photographic aircraft, for F/Lt. Graham Bairstow, who piloted him on this sortie and took this picture