Aeroplane Monthly 1976-07
J.Bruce - Ancestors of the S.E.5
B.E.3; B.S.1; S.E.2 (1914 reconstruction)
A closer view of the S.E.1 fuselage. The control column protrudes above and below the fuselage, and the unusual nose skid is well shown.
The S.E.1, photographed when still fitted with the all-flying foreplane. Note the flank radiators, substantial propeller shaft and the drag-inducing petrol and oil tank installations.
Claude Grahame-White’s Bleriot XII White Eagle, with Grahame-White pulling the starboard undercarriage leg. It has been claimed that it was this aircraft which went to Larkhill and became known as The Man-Killer, and it was certainly a Bleriot of this type.