Flight 1922-01
THE FAIREY LONG-DISTANCE SEAPLANE USED IN THE TRANSATLANTIC ATTEMPT: Under the lower plane may be seen large petrol tanks. These have now been removed, and tanks fitted in the floats Instead. Otherwise the machine remains as shown in the photograph.
The Fairey long-distance Seaplane: View of the machine taxying in after a flight.
The Fairey long-distance Seaplane: Three-quarter rear view.
D.H.34 450 h.p. Napier "Lion" Engine
Handley-Page W8.B 2 Rolls-Royce "Eagle" Engines
ROYAL AVIATION ENTHUSIASTS: For a considerable time the King of the Belgians has done a great deal to encourage aviation by using his aeroplane for travelling. Now the Queen of Belgium is preparing to do the same by accepting from the Aircraft Disposal Co., Ltd., a "Bristol Fighter," similar to that used so extensively by the King. Our photographs show the two machines, the one on the left being that presented to the Queen. It is finished in aluminium throughout, which makes it look very light and graceful. The machine was flown from Croydon to King Albert's private aerodrome at Brussels by Capt. Muir, and Col. Darby, General Manager of the A.D.C., made the trip as passenger in order to make formal presentation to Her Majesty.
THE BRISTOL 10-SEATER, WITH "JUPITER" ENGINE: The new Bristol standard swivelling mounting is incorporated in this machine, and greatly facilitates inspection and minor adjustments.
The Mummert "Baby Vamp'' Sportplane: A contrast in sizes. The "Baby," of 18 ft. span and 25 h.p. in front of the Remington-Burnelli 30-passenger twin-engine biplane of 74 ft. span and 800 h.p. - both of which were tested the same day by Bert Acosta.
THE FRIESLEY "FALCON" CABIN BIPLANE: Close up view, showing the 12-passenger cabin, and the two Liberty (low-compression) engines.
The Friesley "Falcon" Cabin Biplane: Front view.
The Friesley "Falcon" Cabin Biplane: Side view.
The Friesley "Falcon" Cabin Biplane: Three-quarter front view.
THE BARNHART TWIN 15 "WAMPUS-KAT." Two views of the machine with the wings folded for transport.
THE BARNHART TWIN 15 "WAMPUS-KAT." Three-quarter front view from above.
THE BARNHART TWIN 15 "WAMPUS-KAT." Three-quarter rear view.
Wibault 2 BN 2 600 hp Renault
One of the best examples of Duralumin construction at the Paris Show: Details of the Wibault wing.
THE MUMMERT "BABY VAMP" SPORTPLANE: On the left, a three-quarter front view from above, and on the right, a side view.
AN AIRCRAFT DISPOSAL D.H.9 CONVERTED FOR ALPINE TOURS: (1) The passengers' automatic luggage "lift." (2) The hinged canopy over the passengers' cockpit, giving easy access. (3) The complete (3-seater) machine. (4) The 240 h.p. Siddeley "Puma." (5) The pilot's cockpit and the two freight holds.