Air International 1982-05
??? - Nomad ... Master of Many Trades
One of the N24 Medicmasters in service with the Northern Territories Medical Services for air ambulance duty, keeping company with an N22B.
The Australian Army operates 11 N22s as military support aircraft,for which the name Missionmaster was first coined. Subsequent military variants, in Missionmaster or Searchmasier guise, have been based on the later N22B production standard.
Антенна радара Searchmaster обеспечивает круговой обзор. Самолет хорошо подходит для охраны зон рыболовства.
A Searchmaster L in demonstrator markings. This variant is easily identified by the nose radome for the Litton radar.
An N24A Commuterliner on a pre-delivery test flight.
The prototype Floatmaster conversion with Wipline amphibious floats.
The first N2 prototype, VH-SUP, in its first flight configuration with full-length rudder
The N22B Surveymaster, one of two operated by Austirex International and distinguished by the magnetometer boom.
The first N2 prototype, VH-SUP, with vertical tail surfaces, modified to the production type.
Independent Air Services in Papua New Guinea now renamed Provincial Air Services - was one of the first customers for the N22 Commuterliner.
An N22B Nomad in Commuterliner configuration for service with Bush Pilot's Airways in Australia.
The Indonesian Navy is one of the largest Nomad users, with 16 of these Searchmaster Bs plus two Searchmaster Ls.
The Airline of the Marshall Islands has selected the Nomad as its initial equipment, buying this N24A as well as an N22B.
An N24A Medicmaster of the Northern Territories Medical Services keeps company with an N24A demonstrator.
Government Aircraft Factories N24A Nomad