Air International 1982-10
Model enthusiast
A Ju 88A-4 of lll/KG 30, the "Adler Geschwader", during detachment from X Fliegerkorps to VII Fliegerkorps in the summer of 1941. Note yellow engine cowlings and rudder denoting previous deployment in the Balkans/Crete combined with white wingtips and fuselage band signifying the Mediterranean theatre.
Ju 88A-4 of l/KG 54, the "Totenkopf Geschwader", at Bergamo, Italy, in September 1943. Note the so-called "Wellenmuster" camouflage applied over the standard Mediterranean two-tone scheme for anti-invasion tasks over the Sicily/Salerno beachheads.
A Ju 88A-4/R of 1.lentue (flight) of Lentolaivue 44 (1./LeLv 44) of the Finnish Ilmavoimien operating from Onttola in the summer of 1943. Note retention of standard Luftwaffe temperate clime camouflage finish, and wingtip and rear fuselage theatre striping.
An ex-Luftwaffe Ju 88A-4 serving with the Groupe de Bombardement 1/31 "Aunis" with the Forces Francaises de I'Atlantique at Bordeaux-Merignac, March 1945.
A Ju 88A-5 of III/Lehrgeschwader 1 based at Catania for Malta operations with X Fliegerkorps.
A Ju 88S-1 of l/KG 66 based at Dedelsdorf during the winter of 1944-45 for individual Y-Gerat radio-beam sorties. Note unusual nocturnal finish and application of unit and individual aircraft coding on the fin.
A Ju 88A-14 believed to have been operated by the Stab of II Gruppe of Zerstorergeschwader 1 from Mamaia, Rumania, in April 1944. See scrap view.
The modeller successful in getting his hands on an acceptable kit of the Ju 88 will be faced with a plethora of finishes and markings from which to choose. One interesting scheme hm the so-called "Wellenmuster" camouflage applied over a standard two-tone finish seen on the FuG 200-equipped Ju 88A-6/U operating in Southern Italy in 1943.
A Ju 88G-7a of IV/NJG 6 based at Schwabisch Hall, winter 1944-45. Note the painting of the vertical tail to resemble a Ju 88C.
A Ju 88C-6 of Zerstorerstaffel 4./KG 76 based at Taganrog, Ukraine, late 1942. Note the painted simulation of nose transparencies apparently intended to confuse the pilots of opposing fighters.
A Ju 88G-6b of I/NJG 101 operating from Ingolstadt, late 1944. Note replacement rudder.