Aeroplane Monthly 1985-11
H.Morris - The Barnstormer's Apprentice (1)
A wing-walker does his stuff atop Northern Air Transport’s Avro 504K G-ABAV in 1930.
Silver and red NAT Avro 504K at Barton in 1932.
Silver and blue NAT Avro 504K G-ABLL at Barton in 1932.
Ground engineers tinkering with an Avro 504K, in this case G-ABAA. It is chocked up ready for starting - the prop-swinger is standing on the wheel and telling the front cockpit occupant where the taps are.
Northern Air Lines' D.H.50A G-EBQI was built in 1927. Powered by a 230 h.p. Siddeley Puma, the aircraft was painted blue and silver. This photograph was taken before its acquisition by NAL.
The Northern Air Lines Puma-engined D.H.50A G-EBQI at Barton in 1931.
Northern Air Transport's blue and silver D.H.60X Moth, G-EBRI, photographed at Barton in September 1932. In December 1939 'RI was impressed into the RAF as X5128.
Peter Eckersley’s red-decked silver Avro Avian IV G-AABX. Based at Barton for several years, 'BX was impressed into RAF service during the war as an instructional airframe.
F. J. V. Holmes' D.H.53 G-EBHX at Barton in 1930. This was the “small flat-twin engined low-wing monoplane” which the author discovered in a neglected corner of the hangar. The aircraft is now with the Shuttleworth Collection.