Aeroplane Monthly 1985-12
R.Williams - Sea Fury (1)
The colour plate, taken from a 38-year-old Flight transparency, shows a Dutch Navy Sea Fury at Langley, circa 1947-48.
Британские ВВС заказали 200 Fury перед самым окончанием Второй мировой войны. Этот заказ аннулировали в 1945-м. На снимке - второй прототип. Видно, как высоко расположена кабина пилота.
The Centaurus XV-powered Fury prototype, NX802, right, first flew on July 25, 1945. It was sold to Pakistan in 1949.
The second prototype Fury, LA610, began life with a Roll-Royce Griffon 85 engine. It is seen being re-engined with a Napier Sabre VII in 1946.
The first prototype Hawker F.2/43, NX798, was powered by a Bristol Centaurus XII radial engine. It made its first flight at Langley on September I, 1944. The aircraft was later registered G-AKRY, and was subsequently sold to Egypt.
The first Sea Fury prototype, SR661 flew for the first time on February 21, 1945.
The second Sea Fury prototype, SR666, had a Centaurus XV engine and Rotol five-bladed propeller.
The second prototype Fury after installation of the Napier Sabre, which drove a four-bladed propeller.
A little more than 18 months later the first production Sea Fury, TF895, seen before application of its Naval colour scheme, made its maiden flight.
Another view of TF895, with wings folding.