Air International 1985-11
The first photograph to be published of the Yun-8 ( Yunshuji-8) maritime surveillance derivative which entered flight test recently. Built by the Shansi Transport Aircraft Plant at Hanzhong, Shansi Province, the Yun-8 is a Chinese derivative of the Antonov An-12BP, 17 of which have so far entered service, and the maritime surveillance version differs externally in having similar noze glazing to the Hon-6 (Tu-16) bomber and a chin-type search radar housing. The search and surveillance radar has been imported from the West, and it is anticipated that the aircraft will be offered for export at approximately Yuan 25m (US$8-56m). In addition to military tasks, this new version of the Yun-8 is to be utilised to monitor maritime pollution and for operations in connection with the fishing and off­shore oil industries.