Aeroplane Monthly 1986-06
W.Fillingham - On testing the Chipmunk
The Shuttleworth Collection's Chipmunk 22 WB588/G-AOTD photographed in the vicinity of Old Warden in August 1985.
The Canadian Warplane Heritage's Chipmunk, photographed in June 1985.
The author climbs into the Chipmunk prototype before making the maiden flight. W. J. Jakimiuk, the aircraft's designer, stands at right.
The author ready to taxy away for the first flight.
The author flying the prototype DHC-1 Chipmunk in its final form. The main external differences are the addition of a large pitot tube beneath the port wing and streamlining to the undercarriage legs.
The prototype fitted with a reduced-area rudder.
The photograph of the prototype DHC-1 Chipmunk, taken on an early test flight.
The tenth Canadian-built Chipmunk, shipped to England and registered G-AJVD, was evaluated by the A&AEE during 1948. Its finish was natural polished Alclad; the fuselage decking and flash, registration letters etc were green outlined with white.
Makeshift modification to reduce the fin area of the prototype Chipmunk.
The author, assisted by a couple of wing-men, taxying out for the first flight, on May 22, 1946.
The Chipmunk’s elegant lines are particularly evident in this photograph of the prototype.
The view from the Chipmunk's cockpit was excellent in most directions.
The three-view drawing was prepared for Aeromodeller by the late E. J. Riding in May 1948. Our thanks to Aeromodeller for allowing us to republish it.