Aeroplane Monthly 1986-06
R.Nesbit - Arctic Venture (5)
This Hampden is seen returning from a mission off the Norwegian coast with much of the port rudder shot away by flak - winter 1942-43.
A Hampden being transported on a ferry barge near Vadso in northern Norway in 1942, date unknown. The pilot must have made a good emergency landing, for there appears to be little damage. The aircraft is probably a Hampden of 144 or 455 (RAAF) Squadron, several of which were bst when flying to Russia on September 4-5, 1942.
The main wreckage of AE436, with the tail boom and tailplane in front of the forward fuselage, from which two escaped alive.
Part of Hampden AE436 of 144 Squadron, discovered in August 1976 on the side of the remote Tsatsa mountain in Sweden, where it crashed on the night of September 4-5, 1942 en route from Sumburgh to Afrikanda in Northern Russia. The pilot, Pit Off D. I. Evans, and a passenger, Cpl B. J. Sowerby, survived; the other three crew members were killed.
The twin sting in the tail of a Catalina. This example is a US PBY-5A equip­ped with 0-5in machine guns in the blisters.
Drift ice floating down from the Arctic Circle, photographed from a Coastal Command Hudson during the summer of 1943.