Aeroplane Monthly 1986-10
A.Balch - Short sighting
XG900 out in the sunshine for the first time in many years.
Tom Brooke-Smith flying XG900 at RAE Bedford in April 1960 during transitional flight trials.
Two views of the cockpit of Short S.C.1 XG900, taken on June 6, 1986 at the Science Museum's store at Hayes, Middlesex. The conventional control column was used for attitude control in all phases of flight. The four vertical engines were controlled in unison by a lift lever, similar to a helicopter's collective pitch control, mounted on the port side of the cockpit. To control the rearward-pointing propulsion engine the pilot could use a normal throttle (forward flight) or a twist-grip on the lift lever (transition flight). A feature of the S.C.1’s cockpit in the early days was an extra airspeed indicator which showed the aircraft's speed in backward as well as forward flight.