Aeroplane Monthly 1986-10
J.Stroud - Wings of Peace
The first Savoia Marchetti S.74, I-URBE. It is painted in modified Ala Littoria livery, with the Italian flag on the fin. I-URBE first flew on November 16, 1934; following service with Ala Littoria it was requisitioned for military use on Italy’s entry into World War Two, and was destroyed during an Allied bombing raid on November 2, 1941.
View of the first S. 74, I-URBE. It is seen on a test flight in the winter of 1934-35.
View of the first S. 74, I-URBE. The ground shot clearly shows the original paint scheme and aileron horn balances.
THE LARGEST SAVOIA: The Savoia-Marchetti S.74 carries twenty-seven passengers at a cruising speed of 174 m.p.h. This cantilever monoplane, which is distinctly reminiscent of the Fokker F.36, was described in Flight on January 3. It may be used on part of the Sabena-Ala Littoria service between London and Rome and it is proposed that the passengers should be fed with oxygen while crossing the Alps.
The first S.74, I-URBE, in service with Ala Littoria.
The view of the S.74 clearly shows the engine installation and the cabin and cockpit windows. The Italian and Ala Littoria flags were being flown when the photograph was taken.
A view of the 24-seat cabin of an Ala Littoria S.74, looking aft.
The S.72 I-ABMO, in modified form, at Bangkok. The aircraft had accommodation for three crew and six passengers.
Three-quarter front view of the prototype Savoia Marchetti S.71, I-AAYP, commercial monoplane fitted with three 240 h.p. Walter "Castor" engines and accommodating eight passengers. It first appeared in 1930.