Aeroplane Monthly 1986-09
J.Stroud - Wings of Peace
The Dornier Gs I taking off.
M-MWAA was the first Wal delivered and may have been the prototype.
Luft Hansa's Wal D-862 Sagefisch with Gnome-Rhone Jupiters, at Kastrup, Copenhagen.
An early Wal with Bristol Jupiter engines.
I-DAUR with Eagle IX engines was the first Wal for SANA.
Atlantico, Wal c/n 34, seen in 1927 in service with Varig.
D-1422 seen here, with BWM VI engines, at Munich, was originally the Amundsen-Ellsworth Polar Expedition’s N-25 with Eagle IXs.
Italian-built Wal I-AZDT appears to have BMW VIs and may have been delivered to Luft Hansa.
Passenger cabin in the bows of a Wal 31, looking forward.
KEITH WOODCOCK'S colour painting shows Luft Hansa’s Italian-built Wal D-864 Hecht with Rolls-Royce Eagle IX engines.
BMW Vl-powered Do J IlaBos 8-ton Wal D-2069 Monsun.
8-ton Wal Do J IlaBos D-2068 Passat of Luft Hansa.
10-ton Wal D-AGAT Boreas being hoisted on to the catapult of the MS Schwabenland.