Aviation Historian 12
J.Franzi - Their Work is Done! /An eye for detail/
Rumble in the jungle - an RAAF DHC-4 Caribou prepares to take off from the remote Kokoda airstrip in the Oro Province of Papua New Guinea. The rugged and dependable Caribou served with the RAAF for more than four decades.
Sister aircraft DHC-4 Caribou A4-228 and A4-231, from the second Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) order, were ferried to Australia from Canada via the Pacific, arriving at RAAF Base Richmond, New South Wales, on June 26, 1965. Caribou A4-228 served with No 38 Sqn RAAF except for a period with No 35 Sqn in the mid-1990s. During its service career A4-228 assisted flood-relief operations in Australia in 1967 and 1974, undertook absolute ceiling single-engine performance trials in June 1973, performed mapping duties in West Irian (West New Guinea) in 1976 and was damaged during STOL training in April 1993. It went on to be flown by the winning team during the joint RAAF/RNZAF operation Exercise Shorthaul in 1999 and in March 2007 became the first RAAF Caribou to exceed 20,000 flying hours. After 44 years of RAAF service, A4-228 was finally retired on May 13, 2009.