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A.Ord-Hume - Butterfly from Essex /Paper planes - projects/
Beech made the V-tail a hallmark of its exceptional Bonanza - an M35 of 1959 is illustrated. The prototype first flew on December 22, 1945.
Essex Aero was responsible for some of the many modifications carried out to Mew Gull G-AEXF.
V-8 Ford powered, the first Foster Wikner Wicko, G-AENU, of 1936.
Auster considered the Nuffield engine for its J-2 Arrow. The first 'true' J-2 was G-AICA, powered by a Continental C75 and first flown in mid-1946.
The Bianchi Survey, another hopeful design from the immediate post­war period.
Artist's impression of the Essex Aero Sprite.
Three-view of the Essex Aero Sprite.