Horten Ho.I Hangwind / Ho.II Habicht / Ho.III
Страна: Германия
Год: 1933

The tailless gliders designed by Reimer and Walter Horten in Germany led to advanced jet aircraft. The Ho II of 1934 is shown.
The first Horten H.IIL (w/nr 6, D-10-125) in flight. This splendid glider was built at Lippstadt, and was entered in the 1937 German national soaring championships - the ‘Wasserkuppe’. A cockpit bubble was added to overcome the ‘middle effect’ problem, but it didn’t.
The Horten H.IIL landing on its single-track undercarriage. The pure lines of this 54ft span glider can be clearly seen, as well as the all-glazed leading edge cockpit canopy.
A Horten flying wing was not that comfortable for its pilot. He had to fly in a bent-over position with his head above the wing contour. Note the complicated welded tube structure of the machine.
The prone pilot’s position in a Horten glider.
Horten H.III