Boom Technology Overture
Boom Technology - Overture - 2026 - США
Страна: США
Год: 2026

Проект 55-местного СПС, который возможно будет разрабатываться на основе XB-1 для японской авиакомпании JAL
Демонстрационная модель сверхзвукового лайнера в окраске авиакомпании JAL, который собираются разрабатывать с использованием данных, полученных при испытаниях экспериментального самолета XB-1
Overture will draw on technologies that will be tested on the XB-1, a one-third demonstrator planned to fly this year.
With Overture, Boom is leveraging advancements in aerodynamics, materials and propulsion
An impression of the Boom Overture supersonic passenger aircraft.
An artist's illustration of the Boom Supersonic Overture in USAF VIP colours
United Airlines has ordered an initial batch of 15 Overtures
North Carolina's Overture Superfactory will include a taxiway bridge over Interstate 73
The needle-like Overture aircraft will boast impressive ramp presence
An artist’s impression of Boom's Overture Superfactory in North Carolina
Boom’s impressions of the Overture supersonic transport show a triple-engine configuration. The company is working with Rolls-Royce to develop a 100% SAF-buming turbofan
In January 2022, Boom entered a three-year strategic partnership agreement with the United States Air Force to investigate the potential for a supersonic personnel transport. The contract is worth up to $60m
Overture's new gull-wing design
NORTHROP GRUMMAN and US-based Boom Supersonic have finalised a collaborative agreement to offer new special mission variants of the latter's Overture family of supersonic aircraft to the US military and its allies. The agreement was announced at FIA on July 19, 2022.
As revealed at Farnborough, Boom Supersonic has given the redesigned Overture gull wings, to reduce supersonic noise and minimise engine stress
Overture's new contoured fuselage will optimise airflow to reduce drag, while increasing fuel efficiency.
Overture will initially offer a premium passenger experience on its supersonic flights
Boom is “building sustainability into every aspect” of Overture, its supersonic commercial airliner