Air International 2022-09
T.Batchelor - Tech transformation
As the largest passenger aircraft ever built, Airbus considers the A380 ideal as a flight test platform to mature hydrogen combustion technology
MTU Aero Engines is working to optimise the high-pressure compressor and high-speed low-pressure turbine on the GTF Advantage engine
An electric-powered Islander demonstrator is due to fly in 2022
Germany's Evia Aero intends to provide zero emissions sub-regional air services across the nothern coasts of Germany, the Netherlands and Denmark.
Liebherr-Aerospace has 3D printed several components for the A350 and is now collaborating with Airbus to use a similar procedure to produce the valve of the lower cargo door actuator system
British Airways and ZeroAvia are exploring the potential of hydrogen-powered aircraft
As revealed at Farnborough, Boom Supersonic has given the redesigned Overture gull wings, to reduce supersonic noise and minimise engine stress
Overture's new contoured fuselage will optimise airflow to reduce drag, while increasing fuel efficiency.