Air International 2022-09
M.Needham, J.Brown - Onwards and Upwards
Cranfield university's new Saab arrived at its Bedfordshire base on July 9, 2021
Considerable advances in flight-deck technology have been made in the fess than two decades separating the first flights of the Handley Page Jetstream and the Saab 340.
Each of the Saab’s seats can be equipped with a seat-back tablet, which displays flight information related to the lecture and experiments taking place
Roger Bailey and Joe Brown displayed the Jetstream 31 for the final time at Old Warden on June 6, 2021
The Jetstream 31’s service career has been extended through use of a former BAE Systems example, G-BWWW (c/n 614), as a source of spares
Jetstream 31 G-NFLA is scheduled to be delivered to a Cardiff-based organisation specialising in the electrification of aircraft
The Jetstream family of aircraft had originally been intended for single-pilot operation, hence the position of the dials to the left of centre
Students on selected Cranfield aerospace courses have complemented their theoretical MSc studies with practical experience of flight onboard the Slingsby T67M Firefly
Cranfield’s fleet extends beyond the Saab 340, incorporating a Scottish Aviation Bulldog as well as this Slingsby T67M Firefly